About Us

As an Amazon seller you know, how saturated the Amazon selling industry is. Literally, everyone is trying their hands as an Amazon seller.

Guess what — only a few succeed!

Why? Because of the lack of knowledge, tools, and proven strategy for selling on Amazon.

That’s where FBA Daddy started in the first place. 

Hi there, I’m Brain Williams, the founder of FBA Daddy. 

While getting started as an Amazon seller back in 2014, I faced a lot of hurdles. And I even tried googling many of my issues but ended up with nothing. Many guides and tips were there, but still, none of them worked.

So I decided to A/B test everything on my own, and guess what, in 2017, I was around making five figures in revenue. That wasn’t easy — without having proper resources and tools.

One fine evening, I was sharing my journey with a stranger about the hurdles I faced as an Amazon Seller. That’s where I stumbled on the ideas of — FBA Daddy.

I thought it’s worth sharing my experiences, tips & tricks, failures so that you can save time and — find the goldmine resources for Amazon Seller.

FBA Daddy is intended to provide the right set of tools, tips & tricks, resources for Amazon Seller. 

All from an Amazon seller to another Amazon seller!

All the tools, tips & tricks published on FBA Daddy have been tested and tried by myself. That means I only share the working — Amazon Seller tools, resources, and tips & tricks.