10+ Best Alibaba Alternatives To Check Out In 2023

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Looking for best Alibaba Alternatives? Then, you are at the right place. Since its inception in 1999, Alibaba has grown to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world and has expanded into various other industries, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital media.

When it comes to importing goods from China, Alibaba is often recommended as a reliable option. However, it’s always a good idea to consider multiple options to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Also, Alibaba’s website is usually plagued by fake sellers and products, and it’s very easy to get scammed.  

In this article, I will talk about the best Alibaba Alternatives and their advantages and disadvantages over Alibaba. Let’s get going. 

Alibaba Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2023)

S. NoPlatformMinimum OrderRating
1. DHGateNo9.5★
4.Global SourcesYes9.5★
6.Light in the BoxNo8★
7.Tiny DealsNo8★
8.Made in ChinaNo7★
9.China BrandsNo7.5★
10.TaobaoNo 7.5★

10+ Best Alibaba Alternatives in 2023

No doubt, Alibaba is among the top platforms for wholesale products. But the company is often under fire for fake sellers, scams, and low-quality products. Below are some top competitors to Alibaba that may offer the right suppliers for your needs.

1. DHGate

Let’s begin with the first and closest Alibaba Alternatives – DHgate. There is no other platform that matches Alibaba in terms of website layout, navigation, and functionality. So if you are used to Alibaba, at least you won’t have a problem browsing through the DHGate website. 

DHGate Overview

Particularly for beginners or small businesses, DHGate is a viable option as you can easily locate sellers with no minimum order requirement. But Just like Alibaba, many fake products float around the website, although sellers are usually honest about them. So it’s important to contact sellers and order a small quantity before you order in bulk. 

The prices on DHGate are relatively low compared to other platforms but don’t expect heavy discounts and deals like on Alibaba. As a matter of fact, sometimes you may end up paying up to 25% more for the same product on DHGate. If you can’t find the product on Alibaba, it’s worth checking DHGate once but tries to contact a few sellers and compare their prices, product quality, and so on. 


HKTDC (The Hong Kong Trade Development Council) is not exactly similar to Alibaba in terms of functionality, but you can find millions of products from thousands of suppliers over here. However, the platform merely operates as a bridge between merchants and wholesalers. You can get seller details from HKTDC, but you have to contact them on your behalf. 

HKTDC Overview

HKDTC doesn’t get involved in any business deals between businesses, and also, there is no buyer’s protection program available. You make a deal at your own risk. There is no option to make a purchase on the platform. You can search for the products and suppliers, contact them, negotiate the prices and place the order. As of now, there are more than 120k suppliers listed on HKTDC, selling high-quality products at reasonable prices. 

HKTDC is a great way to find verified suppliers; however, the platform doesn’t support drop shipping which is a letdown. Also, the Minimum order quantity can be very high for some sellers, so keep that in mind as well. 

3. Chinavasion

Next in our list of Alibaba Alternatives is Chinavasion. It started its journey in 2004 as an electronics wholesaler platform, but after nearly 20 years, the company has expanded its horizons in almost every niche, including health, pet, baby supplies, and much more. 

The most striking thing about Chinavasion is that it offers wholesale prices that you can’t find anywhere else. Even if a single item is available at a discount, you can make a bulk purchase and sell them later at a decent profit margin.

Chinavasion Overview

The sellers on Chinavasion use premium supply chains which give them added advantage in terms of manufacturing and shipping. As a result, they can really get off with a relatively low price on Chinavasion. You will be surprised to know that the exact same products are listed on other marketplaces, such as Amazon, and eBay, at almost 30% higher prices, mainly because of several additional middle costs added to them. 

But just like on any other e-commerce platform, lower prices don’t always translate into a quality product, so it’s better to compare the prices, order a small quantity if possible, and then choose your supplier. 

If Alibaba is not working for you somehow, give Chinavasion a try. However, if you want a wholesale price, you must contact the seller directly. Also, if your supplier is based in Asia, you might need to wait for up to 1.5 months for the shipping. 

4. Global Sources

One of the biggest drawbacks of Alibaba is the huge amount of fake sellers present on the website. With Global Sources, you can avoid this inconvenience. The platform is home to millions of high-quality products and thousands of sellers from around the world. In terms of the product catalog and website functionality, there is not much difference between Alibaba and Global Sources. 

Global Sources Overview

So what makes Global Sources a better option? The sellers here are mostly genuine and offer quality products. Even if it’s a defective, phony, or counterfeit product, they are honest about it. The main reason is that Global Sources has a strict screening process for sellers. All the sellers must go follow a protocol and fulfill the requirements before they can sell their products on the platform. This process eliminates bogus sellers, individuals who pose themselves as wholesalers, scammers, etc. 

It’s a great platform to connect to genuine suppliers and manufacturers. However, sometimes the price listed is not accurate and you will have to contact the supplier to find out the actual price and offers. But there is always a chance to strike a good deal. The only disadvantage of Global Sources is that the suppliers usually have a very high minimum order quantity. So, unless you are looking for bulk orders, this platform is not for you. 

5. AliExpress

Although Alibaba is the parent company of AliExpress, it can be a great alternative if you are looking for smaller qualities and are ready to pay the retail prices. However, in some cases, there is not much difference between retail prices on AliExpress and the wholesale price of Alibaba. 

AliExpress Overview

Alibaba follows a quantity-based business model where you usually find higher minimum order quantities and marginally lower prices. While on AliExpress, you can order even a single item from any seller. Also, you can find many sellers who are operating on both platforms. So you can order a single item from the same sellers on AliExpress and compare the prices and quality. Once you are satisfied, you can head back to Alibaba and find the same product from the same seller and make a bulk order. 

Even if you are buying small quantities on AliExpress, usually the prices are low, so you can easily turn them into a profit. The biggest advantage of AliExpress is that since it’s owned by Alibaba, you will be able to access the same product catalog and suppliers. 

6. Light In The Box

Next in our list of Alibaba Alternatives is Light in the Box. It is a popular Chinese online retail platform. Starting in 2007, the company registered exponential growth and is currently supplying products in more than 200 countries. The company’s website is available in more than 26 languages, making it a perfect option for global buyers.

Light In The Box Overview

Now, it’s a retail platform so prices won’t always be as cheap as Alibaba but you can definitely find a sea of retail products including computers, smartphones, jewelry, wedding products, clothing, home decor, baby products, and whatnot. 

There is no set option to make a wholesale but you can do it by contacting the seller. The process will also depend on the available product quantity and the price which you can easily negotiate with the seller. Another advantage of Light in the Box is that the company usually has huge sales on its products, and if you can make a wholesale deal at that price, you can rake a big profit. 

All you have to do is find a few suppliers, compare their prices, and order an item if you need to. Once you are satisfied, you can make a bulk order (the highest quantity that the seller allows) or contact directly to make a wholesale deal. 

7. Tiny Deals

Next in our list of Alibaba Alternatives is Tiny Deals. This Hong Kong company may not be as popular as Alibaba in many aspects, but it’s definitely a viable option if you are looking for cheap prices and are ready to wait. 

Tiny Deals Overview

Tiny Deals helps connect wholesalers and businesses. It offers a wide variety of products at competitive prices. Shipping is free, but delivery times may be longer compared to other options. It may be a good alternative to Alibaba for those looking for cost-effective goods.

Probably the best thing about TIny Deals is that it has extremely lenient return policies. They accept unconditional returns within a month of purchase. 

8. Made In China

Made in China is not as large as Alibaba, but it has some advantages. It’s a good platform to locate cheap suppliers from China and other Asian countries. It’s also beneficial for small enterprises as there are practically no minimum order quantities. Even if you find a seller with the MOQ limit, you can contact and negotiate. This means that you don’t have to order in bulk all the time to meet the minimum requirements. 

Made In China Overview

The Made in China website looks similar to Alibaba so you won’t have any problem navigating through it. The platform is also popular for spare car parts, so if you are into the auto business, give Made in China a try. 

9. Chinabrands

A free-to-use platform to find wholesale suppliers across the world. All you have to do is sign up and you are good to go. 

Chinabrands Overview

The platform has a huge product catalog of nearly a million products, giving you a lot more options than most of Alibaba’s competitors. There is a limit to the order quantity and you can even order a single product. Having said that, there is always a chance to strike a good deal if you order in bulk. 

The company claims to ship your order within 24 hours of placing the order. You can also use Chinabrands for Dropshipping anywhere in the world at very reasonable prices. 


Last in our list of Alibaba Alternatives is Taobao. It was established by the former CEO of Alibaba. This company works C2C ( Consumer to Consumer) business model. Taobao’s entire website is in Chinese language. It is also said to be the Chinese version of eBay. The company for now exports Chinese products to international buyers.

Taobao Overview

You will find products such as clothing, sports, bags and much more. Things such as airplane tickets, insurance can be found at a cheaper rate. Taobao also comes up with vouchers, offer discounts sales from time to time. It also has a fast shipping process with a 15 day return policy too.

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Final Word: Best Alibaba Alternatives (2023)

Alibaba is an excellent platform to buy wholesale products at a decent price. But recently, the platform is infiltrated with numerous tricksters and fake suppliers, which increases the risk of getting scammed. However, if you stay vigilant, you can track down some genuine suppliers and make profitable deals. 

All the Alibaba Alternatives I mentioned are more or less the same in terms of the product range but some of them are more reliable as they have a high number of genuine suppliers, ensuring high product quality and low risk. The best is to find a common product on all these platforms, and compare its price, delivery time, return policy, and more.

Global Sources is the best alternative to Alibaba, as it only includes verified suppliers who successfully pass the screening process. 

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