AmazeOwl Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

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These days finding a proper Amazon seller tool is difficult. Newbie sellers find more difficulties finding a proper product research tool since there are too many options available. Beginners may encounter tools that have plenty of features, but they might have become useless since you have no experience. 

On the other hand, AmazeOwl offers them essential features that will help them boost their sales in a short time.

In this post, I will review AmazeOwl and its features. I will also talk about how it helps sellers boost their sales. 

Let’s get started with AmazeOwl Review

AmazeOwl: In a Nutshell

AmazeOwl is an Amazon Seller and product research tool that is designed to help sellers achieve their goals. Sellers with no experience can take advantage of its features to launch their first product and use its resources to make a steady source of income. 

AmazeOwl provides you with precise information that you need to find a winning product to sell on Amazon. It estimates sales more accurately than other tools so that you can get exact guidelines to make the best decisions. 

AmazeOwl Review - AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl helps more than 4000 Amazon sellers take their first step in starting their business each month. There are 11 marketplaces with 600+ million promising product ideas to start with. 

AmazeOwl FeaturesAmazeOwl Review

As I have already mentioned above, AmazeOwl only offers basic essential tools for beginners. It doesn’t have all-in-one features such as Helium10 or Jungle Scout, but still, you can use it to get started in the beginning. Here are some of its features. 

Product Database 

AmazeOwl’s product database offers access to 600+ million products. This huge database is enough to find the best product which is similar to your inventory. With the help of this database, you can cast your strategy according to the competition in the market. 

AmazeOwl - Product Database

As an Amazon Seller, you can use the information to your advantage and automatically find highly potential products through AmazeOwl’s services. The database updates on a daily basis, so you can regularly take a look at it to find new opportunities. 

Access to Various Marketplaces

AmazeOwl offers access to 11 marketplaces so you can keep an eye on your opponents and product manufacturers that are selling the same product. You can also track the competitors that are closing in on you so that you can take many necessary steps to outsmart them. 

AmazeOwl - Marketplace

Through these marketplaces, you can also track your competitors’ changes (such as prices, images, and keywords). AmazeOwl always notifies you whenever they make a move so that you always stay one step ahead of them. 

Track Niches

AmazeOwl offers you to track up to 300 niches at the same time. You can start tracking a niche in terms of keywords and buying patterns of consumers. 

AmazeOwl - Tracking Product

Furthermore, You will also get tracking stuff such as pricing changes, image changes, title changes, ranking changes, and other daily changes. You will also get notifications about the changes, so you never miss anything. 

Keyword Monitoring 

AmazeOwl lets you add 3 to 50 keywords per niche. You can find the keyword monitoring section at the bottom of every product listing. While monitoring, you can see the changes in real-time. However, it won’t help you drive many buyers to your product as other premium tools. 

AmazeOwl - Keyword Research

Fast Update

AmazeOwl updates its product database and BSR-rated products on a daily basis. You can see the changes in real-time so you can find top keywords and products to increase your sales.

AmazeOwl - BSR Rated Product

AmazeOwl Tutorials AmazeOwl Review

AmazeOwl offers tutorials and beginners-guide to help newbie sellers. With these tutorials, you can explore AmazeOwl’ s potential and learn all about the app within no time. It has six video tutorials that will help you drive more traffic and customers through its advanced features. The app’s free trial also included a 10-product training to speed up things. 

AmazeOwl PricingAmazeOwl Review

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Currently, AmazeOwl offers three plans to its users. It offers both monthly and annual payment plans for customers’ affordability. 

AmazeOwl - Pricing

Starter – $0 

If you’re a beginner and curious about how Amazon FBA works, this plan is best for you. You won’t lose anything, and you can do your complete research before starting your own Amazon FBA business. 

After signing up, you will get these features:

  • One tracked niches
  • Top 2 Keywords 
  • Three keywords to monitor 
  • Auto Update 

Growth – $19.99/month or $12.99/month (If Billed Annually) 

Once you have done enough research and are ready to launch your first product, you can switch to the Growth plan. This plan will get all the help you need to grow your business. If you’re signing up Growth plan for the first time, you will also get a 5-day free trial and a 10% discount.

After signing up, you will get these features:

  • 10 tracked niches
  • Top 10 keywords 
  • Ten keywords to monitor 
  • Auto updates
  • 50 product database each month 
  • Fast loading speed 
  • Regular customer support 

Established – $29.95/month or $19.99/month (If Billed Annually)

Once you have a stable business and want to launch multiple products simultaneously, you can upgrade to the Established plan. This plan helps you find the best winning products of Amazon to sell. If you’re signing up Established plan for the first time, you will also get a 5-day free trial and a 30% discount.

After signing up, you will get these features:

  • 300 tracked niches
  • Top 100 keywords 
  • 50 keywords to monitor 
  • Auto updates
  • 200 product database each month 
  • Lightning-Fast loading speed 
  • High-priority customer support 

With each plan of AmazeOwl, you will get a 10-day product training (additional training material with paid plans) to begin with. 

Customer Reviews – AmazeOwl Review 

Every Amazon product research tool has its own pros and cons so does AmazeOwl. The app also gets positive and negative reviews according to the different user perspectives. 

Positive Reviews 

AmazeOwl got positive reviews from the sellers who started from scratch. It offered them great value for money and gave them essential features to start their business. 

AmazeOwl - Testimonials

The interface of AmazeOwl is user-friendly, and the information it provides is very precise. With the help of their reliable data, sellers made the best decisions to get more traffic and conversions. 

They also offer a free plan to use all its features to grab knowledge about Amazon FBA. 

Negative Reviews 

AmazeOwl is not an all-in-one product research platform. That’s why it doesn’t help professional Amazon sellers to reach their potential. The keyword monitoring is not that great to drive buyers either. 

The free plan doesn’t have customer support, and the speed is also not that great. The features are also limited. 

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Final Verdict – AmazeOwl Review

AmazeOwl is a fantastic app for new Amazon sellers that offers affordable plans with great features. It has all features and tracking tools to help you launch your first product on the Amazon niche. During the COVID-19, when people Ire losing their jobs, AmazeOwl helped them a source to generate revenue without any professional help. Now, they are earning more than they were before. 

Currently, the AmazeOwl app is only available for Windows and Mac. You can also download an extension to use all its features more frequently. Sellers that are going to purchase the premium plan can get up to 10% and 30% on their respective plans. 

Frequently Asked Questions: AmazeOwl Review

Can I use AmazeOwl for free?

Yes, you can use AmazeOwl for free because it offers a free plan, which is completely free for everyone and offers some basic features.

Does it provide any coupon code or discount?

AmazeOwl is not providing any type of coupon code for now, but you can get a 33% discount on all its annual pricing plans.

Can I get product training on AmazeOwl?

Absolutely, you will get 10 days of product training which includes all its pricing plans.

Is AmazeOwl a trustable platform?

AmazeOwl is the most reliable and trusted platform, it is well known for the Amazon selling community, with more than 4000 people joining every month.

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