Which Are The Best Amazon Ungated Categories In 2023?

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When selling products on Amazon, it is essential to understand the concept of gated and ungated product categories. Amazon has specific policies and guidelines to regulate the types of products sellers can offer. Understanding these policies is vital for sellers to effectively navigate through the platform and make informed decisions about the products they can sell on Amazon.

Gated categories refer to those requiring Amazon approval before sellers can list their products on the website, while ungated categories are open for sellers to list products without prior approval. 

But how are ungated categories different from gated ones? 

This guide will help you discover the untapped products from the ungated category and the advantages of selling them. Additionally, we will discuss the strategic approach to transitioning from ungated to gated categories, enabling you to expand your product offerings and tap into new markets.

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Amazon Product Category: What Must You Know

Before we explore the ungated product category in detail, let’s try to understand why Amazon has implemented such a tricky policy for sellers. 

Amazon Product Category

Before 2016, Amazon was more welcoming toward sellers, allowing them to pick and sell any product without restriction. But these lenient policies backfired, and many sellers started selling counterfeit products under brand names, selling low-quality products, eventually hurting Amazon’s reputation among its loyal customers. 

To manage the situation, Amazon developed product categories, ensuring all products listed on the website comply with certain standards and regulations. The products which are easy to fake were put under the gated category and not allowed to sell without Amazon’s approval.

On the other hand, ungated products don’t require any prior approval, and sellers can start listing and selling them right after setting up the account. 

Ungated Product Categories: What Do They Include

With the implementation of the gated and ungated categories, Amazon has made sure that customers always receive the high-quality products they expect from Amazon. At the same time, the company made it easier than ever for sellers to tap into various product categories without the need for prior approval. 

Ungated Product Categories

It allows sellers to swiftly enter the marketplace and begin selling their products without any delays. Once the seller account is active, listing products (from ungated categories) becomes immediately possible. This streamlined process is beneficial not only for new sellers looking to establish themselves but also for experienced sellers seeking to expand their product offerings quickly. 

By eliminating the need for lengthy approval processes, sellers can promptly adapt to current trends and capitalize on market demand without wasting valuable time. In some instances, obtaining approval from other platforms may take months, making Amazon’s ungated approach a time-efficient solution for Amazon sellers

Here are the ungated categories that provide sellers with the flexibility to list and sell their products without any additional hurdles:

  • Amazon Device Accessories
  • Automotive & Powersports
  • Beauty
  • Books (Non-Collectibles)
  • Camera & Photo
  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Home & Garden
  • Industrial & Scientific
  • Major Appliances
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sports
  • Tools & Home Improvement

What Are The Advantages?

Categorizing products is an essential aspect of Amazon’s platform, providing numerous benefits for both buyers and sellers. Here’s how it helps enhance the overall ecosystem:

Faster EntryUngated categories allow new sellers to enter the market and establish their brand without strict restrictions or long approval process.
Quick ListingUngated product categories eliminate the need for sellers to go through time-consuming approval processes, enabling them to list products quickly and easily.
Target MarketingBy choosing products from the appropriate categories, sellers can effectively target their desired audience and optimize their marketing efforts.
Sales OpportunitiesUngated categories open doors to a wider customer base, attracting more potential buyers and increasing sales potential.
Brand ReputationThrough ungated products, sellers can work on brand creation, swiftly move to gated products, and establish themselves as reputed Amazon sellers. 
Timely MarketingSellers can bring their products to market without delays, allowing them to follow the trends and demand in a timely manner.
AdaptabilitySellers can easily diversify their product offerings by exploring different ungated categories and adapting to changing market demands.

So, What Is the Gated Category?

Gated product categories on Amazon necessitate sellers to obtain approval before listing their products. These categories adhere to more stringent seller policies and screening procedures, aiming to maintain compliance, uphold quality standards, and prioritize customer interests.

Gated product categories on Amazon

It’s crucial to note that gated products have limited accessibility, and sellers must meet certain qualifications and demonstrate their eligibility to sell in these categories. This emphasizes the significance of starting with ungated products as a means to enter the marketplace and establish a trustworthy reputation before seeking approval for gated product sales.

 Here are some of the gated product categories:

  • Collectibles: This category encompasses a wide range of memorabilia, including autographed items, trading cards, entertainment and sports collectibles, and rare coins.
  • Jewelry: This category encompasses a diverse range of jewelry items, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and watches.
  • Fine Art Products: This category comprises original artworks, limited edition prints, sculptures, and other artistic creations.
  • Music & Videos: This category includes physical copies of music albums, DVDs, videos, and Blu-ray discs.
  • Streaming Media Players: This category includes devices that enable streaming digital content on televisions, such as media streaming sticks and set-top boxes.
  • Major Appliances: This category encompasses large household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and ovens.
  • Postage Stamps: This category includes collectible postage stamps from various countries and eras.
  • Wrist Watches: Specifically focused on wristwatches, this category covers various styles, brands, and designs.
  • Gift Cards: This category includes digital or physical gift cards that can be used for purchasing products or services on Amazon or other participating retailers.

Getting Approval for Gated Products

Getting approval to sell gated products is a bit tricky as you must produce significant information regarding your inventory and seller account. The best is to start with ungated products, build a strong presence in the marketplace and then switch to the restricted category. 

Getting Approval for Gated Products

Keep in mind that your selling experience and performance will positively impact the chances of getting approval. So, while you are selling ungated products, maintain your product quality, offer the best possible customer care, and address their concerns to earn trust and positive feedback from them. 

Once you feel you are qualified to get approval, select a promising product from the gated category and initiate the application process. However, it is crucial to note that obtaining permission from Amazon can sometimes be lengthy, spanning several months. 

To optimize your time and productivity, it is advisable to choose 2-3 products simultaneously and submit the applications together. This will increase the chances of approval and a timely one. You can continue selling the product while awaiting other approvals rather than idly waiting for a response. 

Here is how you apply:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.
  2. Navigate to the Inventory section and select Add a Product.
  3. Search for the specific product you wish to sell and verify if any restrictions apply to it.
  4. If it belongs to the gated category, click on Listing Limitation Apply.
  5. Click on Request Approval and wait for the response from Amazon. 

In a few cases, Amazon will ask you to produce certain documentation regarding product quality, invoices, an index of current products on your store, and other seller account details. A team will assess your product, selling history, performance, and reputation before deciding on approval. Be careful with the application, as a small mistake may cause you months of waiting. 

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Final Word! Amazon Ungated Categories

Over the years, Amazon has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality products that have resonated with customers. Nevertheless, certain items can be so expertly counterfeited, making it difficult even for experts to discern the authenticity.

To mitigate such situations, Amazon has implemented gated and ungated categories. It allows the company to effectively monitor and identify counterfeit products and sellers, protecting its reputation and customers’ interests. 

Currently, out of the 33 product categories on Amazon, 13 are ungated, allowing sellers to list their products without prior approval. Additionally, within gated categories, there may be sub-categories and specific products that can be sold without the need for approval.

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