AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: Which One Excels In 2023?

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AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout are two pioneer Amazon Seller Tools available. 

If you’re still figuring which to choose between AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout, we have got your back. 

Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker come with many similar features; however, they have many differences. To help you get a clear view, I have featured an in-depth comparison of AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout. 

I have done this comparison on various aspects such as — the basic differences, key features, data accuracy, Amazon seller tools offered, pricing, customer support & resources, etc.

By the end of the post, you will know which one to go among AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout. So let’s dive in. 

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: Overview &The Key Differences 

AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout are the most popular Amazon seller tool available out there. However, both tools come with various similarities and different features. Before getting started with the comparison, let’s get a quick overview of these tools and understand the key differences. 

AMZ Tracker: In A Nutshell

AMZ Tracker is a comprehensive toolkit for selling more on Amazon. This software is completely focused on improving rankings and maintaining them. AMZ Tracker comes with two modules — Offensive Strategy and Defensive Strategy. 

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout - AMZ Tracker

The Offensive Strategy of AMZ Tracker includes various features such as — keyword tracking, increasing conversion rates, super URLs. At the same time, the Defensive Strategy of AMZ Tracker comes with various modules such as — Negative review alerts and Hijack Alerts. 

Later on in this Jungle Scout vs AMZ Tracker comparison, I’ll be comparing the features and modules of AMZ Tracker in detail. 

Jungle Scout: In A Nutshell

Well, if you want to have an insider’s view into Jungle Scout, check my in-depth Jungle Scout review here

Jungle Scout is a well-known one-stop suite of tools for Amazon sellers. Yes, Jungle Scout comes with essential and advanced features to help start, grow and scale as an Amazon Seller. 

Jungle Scout

With Jungle Scout, from product research to product launch, you can easily build and grow your Amazon business really quickly and easily. The best part about Jungle Scout is that all of its features are available properly, from finding a product to finding proper keywords. Junglee Scout offers all of its features in a hierarchy. 

Later on, I’ll be comparing the features and other modules of Jungle Scout in detail. 

Jungle Scout vs AMZ Tracker: Key Differences

Let’s check some of the key differences between Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker. 

  • Jungle Scout has a global supplier database, whereas AMZ Tracker doesn’t have a supplier database. 
  • Jungle Scout provides products promotions and discounts, whereas AMZ Tracker doesn’t. 
  • Jungle Scout allows you to send promotional emails and provides email performance reports, while AMZ Tracker doesn’t allow that.
  • Jungle Scout comes with 24/7 reliable customer support, while AMZ Tracker doesn’t come with around-the-clock customer support. 
  • AMZ Tracker comes with a keyword index checker, while Jungle Scout doesn’t have a keyword index checker.
  • AMZ Tracker comes with PPC automation tools like Helium 10, whereas Jungle Scout doesn’t have any PPC automation tool. 
  • AMZ Tracker comes with a listing review downloader, while Jungle Scout allows you to manage your reviews on Amazon. 

So these are some of the differences between Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker. However, there are a lot of common features that these tools come with. Let’s have a look in here. 

Similar Features of Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker:

  • Opportunity Score
  • Listing Builder
  • Historical data analysis
  • Product research tools
  • Profitability dashboard
  • Keyword research tools
  • Reverse ASIN search
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Sales analytics
  • PPC pricing tools and reporting
  • Proper Amazon seller resources

Similarities Between Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker

There are many product research tools available on the market for Amazon, but the two best options are Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker. Both tools offer a lot of similar features, such as a product research tool that you can use to start your Amazon-selling business. You can use their tools to track your keyword rankings, Amazon sales data, and product reviews. Both tools offer vast product databases which you can use to find the best product to sell.

You can use their reverse ASIN lookup feature to find the best-selling products of your competitors. Both of these tools offer Chrome Extension, which you can use to conduct product research on the go. However, Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension offers better features than AMZ Tracker’s Chrome Extension.

Now we know the differences and similarities between these tools, let’s take a look at which one excels.

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is one of the essential aspects that you should take seriously. Most of the Amazon seller tools don’t have reliable data accuracy. Because of this majority of the sellers make decisions based on inaccurate data. 

For these two tools, let’s compare their data accuracy and find out whether their data is reliable. 

Jungle Scout Data Accuracy

Jungle Scout has carried out a research and case study, where they tool data from major Amazon seller tools. Once they dug down deep, they found something interesting. 

Jungle Scout - Accuracy

Yes, Jungle  Scout was found to be 84.1% accurate compared to other tools in the market. That means you can completely rely on the data and stats provided by Jungle Scout. With Jungle Scout, you will have only slight chances of error, and to be precise, only 15% of the error margin is there. 

AMZ Tracker Data Accuracy

Coming to the data accuracy of AMZ Tracker, I can pretty much say — it’s reliable. However, I wasn’t able to find the exact percentage of data accuracy for AMZ Tracker.

Winner: Jungle Scout is the clear winner when it comes to data accuracy. As explained above, Jungle Scout has better accuracy compared to other tools in the market

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: Features Compared

Yes, features are what makes Amazon Seller tools worthy. An Amazon seller tool with fewer features wouldn’t help you in the long run. 

Let’s compare the features of Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker side by side. This will give you a clear understanding of what tools and modules you will be getting with Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker. 

Jungle Scout AMZ Tracker
Education & Training

Unrestricted, on-demand video guides ✔Yes Partial
Free step-by-step case studies ✔Yes Partial
Blog posts & resources ✔Yes ✔Yes
Product Research & Validation
Leader in data-accuracy ✔Yes ❌ No
Product discovery tools ✔Yes ✔Yes
Opportunity score ✔Yes ✔Yes
Historical data analysis ✔Yes ✔Yes
Product Tracker ✔Yes Partial
Global supplier database ✔Yes ❌ No
Listing review downloader ❌ No ✔Yes
Launching on Amazon
Keyword discovery ✔Yes ✔Yes
Reverse ASIN search ✔Yes ✔Yes
Keyword rank tracking ✔Yes ✔Yes
Keyword index checker ❌ No ✔Yes
PPC pricing tools & reporting ✔Yes ✔Yes
PPC automation tools ❌ No ✔Yes
Listing builder ✔Yes ✔Yes
Lisiting optimization score ✔Yes Partial
Sync listings to Seller Central ✔Yes ❌ No
Seller Central product review requests ✔Yes ❌ No
Review Request Automation ✔Yes ❌ No
Product promotions & discounts ✔Yes ❌ No
250,000+ shopper marketplace ✔Yes ❌ No
Customizable alerts ✔Yes Partial
Business Management
Sales analytics ✔Yes ✔Yes
Profitability dashboard ✔Yes ✔Yes
Comprehensive expense management ✔Yes Partial
Track inbound FBA shipments ✔Yes ❌ No
Email performance reports ✔Yes ❌ No
Business management mobile app ❌ No ✔Yes
Inventory demand forecasting ✔Yes Partial
Refund reimbursements ❌ No ✔Yes
Customizable external landing pages ❌ No ✔Yes
Product promotions & discounts ✔Yes ❌ No
Market segment analysis Partial ✔Yes

Winner: You can see above Jungle Scout offers way more features compared to AMZ Tracker. It’s evident Jungle Scout is the clear winner when it comes to data accuracy

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: Affordability

Let’s find out which tools offer what pricing modules — Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker. As per my experience, Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker have flexible pricing options available.

On the contrary, Jungle Scout has an affordable pricing structure. Let’s explore the pricing plans in detail. 

AMZ Tracker Pricing Plans:

AMZ Tracker - Pricing

Here are the pricing plans of AMZ Tracker:

  • Basic Plan:  This plan costs $50/month. 
  • Professional Plan: This plan costs $100/month.
  • Gode mode: This plan costs $200/month. 
  • Legend: This plan costs $400/month.

Note: You will not be charged if you cancel your AMZ Tracker plans in the first seven days of the trial.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans:

To help you save a few extra bucks, I have shared working Jungle Scout discount codes to help you get upto 40% off on Jungle Scout.

Compared to AMZ Tracker, Jungle Scout has a flexible and affordable pricing structure.  These are the available pricing plans for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout - Pricing
  • Basic Plan: The Basic plan costs $49/month.
  • Suite Plan: The Suite plan costs $69/month.
  • Professional: The Professional plan costs $129/month. 

Note: All the plan of Jungle Scout comes with a seven days money-back guarantee. 

Winner: Jungle Scout is a clear winner in the pricing segment as it has more flexible and affordable pricing options available. 

Which Has Better Support & Resources?

While getting started with any Amazon Seller tool you should always check the customer support and resources available. Let’s have a look at the customer support and available resources of Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker. 

Jungle Scout Support & Resources

Yes, Jungle Scout has in-depth resources and training materials available. From in-depth videos to case studies, Jungle Scouts thrives on helping you excel as an Amazon seller. 

Jungle Scout - Support

What’s more, Jungle Scout also comes with reliable and responsive 24/7 customer support. All the customer support team members have in-depth knowledge of Jungle Scout tools and Amazon FBA. So you can count on them when you need any help. Yes, Jungle Scout also comes with a popular Jungle Scout Academy which is full of resources. Even Jungle Scout offers one of the best Amazon FBA courses named — Freedom Builder Bootcamp.

AMZ Tracker Support & Resources

AMZ Tracker does have a customer support team, but they don’t offer 24/7 available customer support. They also provide resources for Amazon sellers; they have an in-depth documentation section with articles. What’s more, they have faqs available in different languages such as German and Chinese. 

Winner: Jungle Scout is the clear winner when it comes to customer support and resources. 

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The Final Verdict: Which One To Choose? 

So this is my detailed comparison of AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout. 

I hope this helped you get a better understanding of these two tools. Now the question is — which one to choose?

Well, I would say it depends on what you need!

As per my experience, AMZ Tracker is suited to you best — if you’re looking for more sales and conversions. Also, AMZ Tracker falls short when it comes to competitor analysis. However, it has many useful features such as — PPC automation, index checker, super URLs, etc. 

On the other hand, Jungle Scout offers comprehensive tools and features for Amazon sellers. It comes with all essential and advanced features to help start, grow and scale your Amazon selling business. What’s more, Jungle Scout has more affordable and flexible pricing plans starting at $29/month. 

You can do one thing, try both Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker and then decide for yourself. AMZ Tracker offers a seven days trial, while Jungle Scout comes with a seven days money-back guarantee. 

Now it’s all up to you — which tool are you going to choose? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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