9+ Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools In 2023

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In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, it can be challenging to discover a successful product that sells well, generates a good profit margin, and stands out among the competition.

Considering the highly competitive dropshipping environment, manual product research on e-commerce sites and marketplaces can be time-consuming and ineffective. A product research tool, on the other hand, can simplify the process and help you discover low-hanging fruits in no time, giving you a competitive edge.

Follow along as I walk you through the best dropshipping product research tools from 2023. 

Top 9 Dropshipping Product Research Tools: In A Nutshell (2023)

Finding the right dropshipping tool can be challenging as there are numerous factors to consider. To simplify the process, I have taken into account the following parameters when selecting the research tools for my list:

  • The Platform it’s best suitable for
  • Affordability
  • Top feature
  • Overall Performance
ToolPlatform PriceBest FeatureRating
1. Jungle ScoutAmazon$29/monthAccurate product data4.5/5
2. EcomhuntAliExpress, Facebook, Shopify$39/monthBest handpicked products4.7/5
3. SaleHooMultiple$67/yearGlobal supplier data4.5/5
4. Sell the TrendMultiple$39/monthAI-powered dropshipping platform4.8/5
5. Dropship SpyAliExpress, Social Media PlatformsFree, $19/monthBest products from Social media4/5
6. Intelligynce eBay, AliExpress, Shopify$39/monthDeep research, Keyword generator4.2/5
7. ThieveAliExpressFree, $15/monthProduct Inspiration4.4/5
8. AsifyAliExpressFree product analysis4.6/5
9. AliSharkAliExpress$20/monthProduct filtering, Facebook ads4.7/5

1. Jungle Scout: The All-Rounder

If you are using Amazon to dropship your products, there is no better tool than Jungle Scout. For more than half a decade, the company has helped numerous e-sellers achieve their targets and establish a successful dropshipping business. 

Jungle Scout-The All-Rounder

It provides data-driven insights to help entrepreneurs make informed decisions about the products they sell. For product research. Jungle Scout offers two primary tools, the Product Database and the Product Tracker.

With the product database, you can search the giant Amazon database and find the product that suits your budget, target market, and business model the most. 

You can use filters such as price, trend, sales history, and more to narrow your search and find exactly what you are looking for. Not only that, but you can also track down the top wholesalers offering the products at affordable costs. 

Suitable PlatformAmazon
Starting Price$29/month
Top FeatureAccurate product data
Overall Rating4.5/5

2. Ecomhunt: Best Products Everyday

If you are a newbie struggling to find the product category, Give Ecomhunt a try. It places a strong emphasis on hand-picking products. They provide daily updates on the best-selling products on their platform, along with key data points such as sales forecasts, product performance, selling price, and more.

Ecomhunt-Best Products Everyday

Ecomhunt can also assist in evaluating product performance across various dropshipping marketplaces, such as AliExpress and eBay, by offering insights into selling price, sales potential, production cost, and competing stores.

Additionally, Ecomhunt offers a convenient Chrome extension that enables users to save products they come across while browsing the web and obtain valuable insights regarding their potential.

Suitable PlatformAliExpress, Facebook, Shopify
Starting Price$39/month
Top FeatureBest handpicked products
Overall Rating4.7/5

3. SaleHoo: Find the Suppliers

Salehoo, one of the leading dropshipping platforms, provides you with a database of over 2.5 million products sold by nearly 8000 global suppliers. If you are looking for quality products without spending a fortune, check out the supplier database on SaleHoo. 

SaleHoo-Find the Suppliers

SaleHoo also offers extensive market research tools that help users uncover profitable niches and products to sell. What’s more, the platform lists products from some of the biggest brands as well as unknown and affordable brands, giving you a wide range of products to choose from. 

Suitable PlatformMultiple
Starting Price$67/year
Top FeatureGlobal supplier data
Overall Rating4.5/5

4. Sell the Trend: Deep Product Research

The next one is Sell the Trend, a dedicated platform for drop shippers that includes tonnes of features, including a powerful product explorer tool. This AI-powered tool allows you to choose from over 7 million products and 83 commercial niches. 

Sell the Trend-Deep Product Research

Using advanced AI technology, this tool is capable of analyzing market trends, competition, and other factors to recommend suitable products for your store at the right time. This makes adding products to your store a seamless process. The tool sources its data directly from AliExpress, Shopify, and Amazon, enabling you to locate the best products from top marketplaces.

To conduct a thorough assessment, you can obtain detailed information about a product’s value, such as search volume, price history, order history, and profit margin. You can also use filters to narrow your search and find products that meet your specific requirements and target audience. The tool can also provide inspiration for Facebook Ads, Shopify Ads, and other advertising initiatives.

Suitable PlatformMultiple
Starting Price$39/month
Top FeatureAI-powered dropshipping platform
Overall Rating4.8/5

5. Dropship Spy: Comprehensive Product Analysis

DropshipSpy is a widely used platform with the most extensive and rapidly expanding collection of successful products gathered for drop shippers. The platform assists in locating the most popular products from AliExpress and well-known social media platforms such as Facebook, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

Dropship Spy-Comprehensive Product Analysis

Moreover, DropshipSpy analyzes hundreds of AliExpress products on a daily basis, with each product undergoing rigorous testing to guarantee optimal engagement and sales. You can search and analyze any product available on the AliExpress platform and instantly access extensive sales data, profit margins, and other critical information.

Suitable PlatformAliExpress, Social Media Platforms
Starting PriceFree, $19/month
Top FeatureBest products from Social media
Overall Rating4/5

6. Intelligynce: Deep Search 

If you are a marketing expert looking for extensive product research, including multiple data points, Intelligynce is the right tool. For each product research, you get 30+ data points, allowing you to assess the product completely before adding it to your inventory. 

Intelligynce-Deep Search 

To identify the highest-ranking products on AliExpress, you can use a niche/keyword and specify the desired parameters such as origin, shipping/destination country, price, shipping costs, etc. Other ways of product research are Bing and manual searches. 

For Bing, you need to enter the keyword and specify the number of search pages to consider. Additionally, users can select the destination country to locate the best products related to their search. Additionally, you also get a keyword generator tool to find the most fruitful keywords from the market. 

Suitable PlatformeBay, AliExpress, Shopify
Starting Price$39/month
Top FeatureDeep research, Keyword generator
Overall Rating4.2/5

7. Thieve

Our next member is exclusively for AliExpress but can provide you with valuable product data relevant to all other dropshipping marketplaces. Thieve offers curated collections of trending products from the tech, home, and fashion industries. It provides users with a list of products handpicked by a team of curators from websites like AliExpress and Kickstarter. 

Thieve official page

For those new to dropshipping and seeking product inspiration for their business, Thieve may be a viable option. Fortunately, this feature is included in the tool’s free version, but investing in a premium plan that includes extensive research tools may be worthwhile. 

Within a matter of minutes, you can locate the top products on AliExpress that can help you establish your business and compete with other sellers.

Suitable PlatformAliExpress
Starting PriceFree, $15/month
Top FeatureProduct Inspiration
Overall Rating4.4/5

8. Asify

Asify is a free and easy-to-use research tool offering a range of features to help you in your dropshipping business with AliExpress. It provides access to all product information, including daily sales, top country sales, top country dropshippers, and prices from various markets, including US, UK, EU, and others.

Asify official page

Asify is a convenient and quick tool for product research that comes in the form of a free Google Chrome extension. It enables you to easily find products by applying specific criteria such as price, orders, rating, sales per day, keywords, video availability, country of dispatch, processing time, and delivery type.

Additionally, you get a profitability calculator that can approximate the potential profit margin of a product based on the provided selling price.

Suitable PlatformAliExpress
Starting Price
Top FeatureFree product analysis
Overall Rating4.6/5

9. AliShark

AliShark is a comprehensive product research tool that simplifies the process of product research for amateurs. With AliShark, you get hourly updated product data, which largely reduces the chances of error, giving you accurate product details every single time. 

AliShark official page

Moreover, if you are a research geek, Alishark is also well-equipped to serve you. With each product research, you get a huge number of data points, including 6 months of sales history, customer reviews, pricing history, sales trends, product performance, and much more. 

Apart from product research, AliShark offers two additional tools, a store search tool and a Facebook ad search tool. As their names indicate, you can track down the top-performing online stores in any niche with the store search tool. This also helps you with new product ideas. The Facebook ad search tool allows you to monitor their competitors’ Facebook ads, so you can locate the top keywords to use in your campaigns. 

Suitable PlatformAliExpress
Starting Price$20/month
Top FeatureProduct filtering, Facebook ads
Overall Rating4.7/5

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Conclusion: Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools (2023)

The dropshipping business model has gained popularity among entrepreneurs due to its low startup costs and flexibility. Nonetheless, discovering a winning product is the first step toward building a prosperous e-commerce business. Therefore, choose the product research tool that aligns with your business needs and budget, and embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

Here are my recommendations:

  • If you want to try things out before making a financial commitment, try Asify. It’s a free Chrome extension and will give you enough ideas to understand how things work.
  • If you are dropshipping on Amazon, choose Jungle Scout without a second thought.  For $29/month, you get nearly 15 business tools for Amazon, including inventory management, listing optimization, keyword analysis, product tracker, and more.
  • The last one and my personal favorite is Sell the Trend. It’s an AI-powered tool and is most likely to give you the best product recommendations in 2023. 

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