10 Best Dropshipping Stores For Sale In 2023 (Top Sites)

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Looking for Best Dropshipping Stores For Sale? Look no further. Dropshipping provides an excellent opportunity to enter the e-commerce industry with minimal overhead costs. Rather than maintaining inventory, you collaborate with a supplier who ships products directly to your customers. While it’s relatively easier to break into the market with Dropshipping, starting an online store can still be a daunting task.Β 

Thankfully, you can take an alternative and purchase a pre-established dropshipping store. Once you get hold of the store, you can start adding more products and spread your foothold. 

Let’s explore Top 10 Dropshipping Stores For Sale.

Top 10 Sites Offering Dropshipping Stores for Sale 2023

Here’s a table of Top 10 Platforms Offering Dropshipping Stores For Sale.

PlatformStarting PriceTop FeatureRating
1. Flippa$100High-performing storesβ˜…3.7
2. Dropship for Sale$99/monthAll-rounderβ˜…4.4
3. Empire Flippers> $100kHighest success rateβ˜…4.7
4. Bdroppy€490/yearBest for fashion boutiques β˜…3.3
5. Ecommercify$149Affordable and easy setupβ˜…3.3
6. Dropcommerce$249Store with 100 winning productsβ˜…3.3
7. BeBiggy$29.99BUdget-friendly productsβ˜…2.5
8. Dropbuild$449All-rounderβ˜…4.2
9. Brandafy$21Most affordable optionβ˜…3.8
10. Fiverr$100-$2000Hire experienced freelancersβ˜…4.3

1. Flippa

First in our list of Dropshipping Stores For Sale is Flippa. Flippa is an all-in-one platform that offers pre-existing and lucrative Dropshipping stores.Β 

Flippa- official page

Each business on Flippa undergoes thorough severe scrutiny by a team of experts before getting listed on the platform. They assess financial and operational performance using reputable platforms such as Shopify, Stripe, Quickbooks Online, Admob, and Google Analytics.

In addition to Dropshipping stores, you can purchase advertisements, e-commerce stores, apps, SaaS, and other established services that are already performing well. Each listing provides information on the website’s age, monthly net profit, and niche, which can help you make an informed decision.

Flippa Pricing

Pricing of Flippa

The prices of dropshipping stores on Flippa can vary widely depending on the store’s niche, age, and revenue. On average, prices range from $1,000 to $10,000 or more for a well-performing business. However, you can purchase a ready-to-use dropshipping store for as low as $100. 

Flippa ProsFlippa Cons
βœ” Large selection of stores to choose from

βœ” Option to negotiate prices with sellers

βœ” Easy to use platform with detailed listings
βœ– Due to a large number of listings, it can be difficult to find quality stores

βœ– Some listings may be fraudulent, so buyers need to be cautious

2. Dropship for Sale

Dropship for sale is an online marketplace selling a variety of established Dropshipping businesses from various niches. The businesses listed on the platform have been selected after a lengthy screening process and have a proven track record of generating healthy revenue.Β 

Dropship for Sale official page

Upon purchase, you will receive a professionally designed store that comes equipped with high-performing products, a unique domain name, a customized logo, and unlimited social media ads. 

Each listing shows you the average click-through rate and monthly ROI to help you make a better decision. Furthermore, each store is linked with fast-shipping suppliers who can deliver products to the US, EU, and Canada within 10-15 days. 

Dropship for Sale Pricing:

Dropship For Sale charges a monthly fee of $99/month, and you can get an operational Dropshipping store in less than 24 hours. The platform also sells pre-made stores that might cost you up to $1000.Β 

βœ” Free .com domain name

βœ” High-quality store with professional branding

βœ” Unlimited social media ads, graphic designs, and logos

βœ” Included marketing and full SEO optimization
βœ– Relatively expensive compared to other options

βœ– Not a good option for global shipping

βœ– Lengthy setup process for advanced custom stores

3. Empire Flippers

Next in our list of Dropshipping Stores For Sale is Empire Flippers. It is a well-known broker that provides a forum for buying and selling online businesses, including dropshipping stores. The platform has been operating since 2011 and has facilitated over $500 million in sales to date, making it a highly trusted and reputable source for pre-built dropshipping stores.

 Empire Flippers official page

The website has a user-friendly interface with filters that can help you find the best dropshipping stores. You can easily make a decision on Empire Flippers, as each listing provides monthly profit, revenue, store age, and more.

Empire Flippers has a team of experts who carefully select all the listings available on their platform, ensuring a success rate of over 75%. Moreover, they provide assistance with account migration to help facilitate the process of setting up your business.

Empire Flippers Pricing:

You can acquire an established Shopify Dropshipping store for around $400-500k.Β 

βœ” High-quality stores, thoroughly checked by an expert team

βœ” Detailed listings with product source, traffic, suppliers, customer countries, and much more

βœ” Dedicated account manager for support

βœ” 14-day buyer’s protection program
βœ– Limited negotiation options with sellers

βœ– Very high prices compared to some popular options

βœ– Limited websites available for sale

4. BDroppy

BDroppy, a part of Brands Distribution Group, is an Italy-based high-end dropshipping supplier. The company is known for providing pre-built luxury fashion eCommerce boutiques that are compatible with Shopify and available for purchase.

BDroppy official page

For the last 12 years, the platform has supplied numerous fashion and clothing products from the world’s most popular brands including Michael Kors, Guess, Armani, and more. 

Here you can get an established fashion store with personalized branding, a unique domain name, marketing tools, and integrated payment methods. 

BDroppy Pricing:

With BDroppy, you can purchase a customized pre-built Dropshipping store for a minimum of €490.

βœ” Multiple languages and currency support

βœ” websites ready to ship to 50+ countries in US, UK, and EU.

βœ” Free e-mail marketing tools available

βœ” Unique domain name and a mobile-compatible website
βœ” Multiple languages and currency support

βœ” websites ready to ship to 50+ countries in US, UK, and EU.

βœ” Free e-mail marketing tools available

βœ” Uniqie domain name and a mobile-compatible website

5. Ecommercify

Next In our list of Dropshipping Stores For Sale is Ecommercify. Ecommercify offers a variety of prebuilt Shopify dropshipping stores in highly profitable niches that can help you get a head start in your e-commerce business journey. These stores are delivered to you within 48 hours for quick setup.

Ecommercify Official page

With over 1000 prebuilt Shopify stores delivered in over 50 niches, Ecommercify has a track record of generating over 1 million dollars in sales, making it a trustworthy platform for purchasing dropshipping stores. Additionally, you can benefit from the numerous integrations, payment methods, themes, and apps offered in the Shopify app store.

Ecommercify Pricing:

On Ecommercify, the basic pre-built Dropshipping store is available at $149. In case you want more features, you can opt for a $299 package with multiple payment gateways, a personalized logo, and up to 20 social media ads.

βœ” Numerous themes to choose from, better customization

βœ” Free lifetime support

βœ” 50+ trending products from the top AliExpress and Spocket suppliers

βœ” Custom-written product descriptions for better customer engagement
βœ– A very high turnaround time for customized stores (Up to 3 weeks)

βœ– Some stores are not up to the mark in terms of quality
βœ– No option to set up Shopify apps, so you can’t use extensions and third-party customization

6. DropCommerce

On Number 6 of our list for Dropshipping Stores For Sale is DropCommerce. you can purchase a ready-to-go premium Shopify dropshipping store that comes equipped with over 100 trendy products with excellent sales track records, high-converting descriptions, and ad documentation.

DropCommerce official page

DropCommerce is that it offers access to 400+ carefully selected suppliers in North America who offer high-quality products and speedy deliveries. The best thing about the platform is that it allows new dropshippers to enjoy a very high-profit margin of up to 35% on various products, making it a highly profitable option.

Using DropCommerce, you can launch your dropshipping business in under 24 hours, skipping the time-consuming steps of setting up a store and finding products and suppliers. The prebuilt stores come with professionally designed branding, including custom logos, banners, and invoicing.

DropCommerce Pricing:

A ready-to-launch store is available for a one-time fee of $249. However, to continue dropshipping their products after three months, you will need to subscribe to a $49 monthly plan.

βœ” Get access to your store within 24 hours

βœ” A free domain name is included with the purchase

βœ” Up to 35% cheaper products

βœ” Over a dozen high-quality storefronts, branded invoicing, logos, images, and banners
βœ– Mostly suitable for delivery in the US and Canada.

βœ– Lengthy order processing time

βœ– It might take over a month to deliver international orders

7. BeBiggy

Next in our list of Dropshipping Stores For Sale is BeBiggy. It offers an economical option for those interested in starting a dropshipping store without going through set up and product research. The platform showcases professionally designed websites, mostly from the fashion niche, with customized logos and banners, and a selection of over 20 successful products to jumpstart your online business.Β 

BeBiggy official page

Moreover, you can browse through a wide range of popular items from trustworthy suppliers that are available for free worldwide shipping, ensuring a significant profit margin. With Be Biggy,  It takes not more than 24 hours for you to take control of your store and start selling. 

BeBiggy Pricing:

You will have to pay a minimum of $499 for a fully customized store. However, a pre-built dropshipping store is available at $29.99-$59.99.

βœ” Free lifetime support after purchase

βœ” A free subscription for BeBiggy own winning product service

βœ” Takes only 72 hours to deliver fully customized store.

βœ” Automated order processing, product migration, and inventory management.Β 
βœ– Stores is slow to respond

βœ– Not very refined product listings and descriptions

βœ– Unreliable sellers 

8. Dropbuild

The best in terms of affordability and functionality. Trusted by thousands of sellers, it offers an excellent collection of professionally crafted Dropshipping stores fully equipped with winning products, ads, marketing materials, and other unique content.Β 

Dropbuild official page

The stores also include a professional Shopify theme with custom branding, essential apps, and integrated payment processors. With Dropbuild, you can kick-start your dropshipping business in no time. 

It’s important to note that Dropbuild focuses on quality over quantity, so you may not find an extensive collection, but every store has handpicked products from top suppliers that will guarantee your success. Dropbuild also provides lifetime support and a bunch of support materials to help you make your store profitable.

Dropbuild Pricing:

With a starting price of $449, you can obtain a fully functional Dropshipping store through Dropbuild. Additionally, they offer stores with up to 10 winning products, starting from a minimum price of $649 and beyond.

βœ” You can choose the best products from the most profitable niches

βœ” A complete marketing campaign, including Facebook ads and targeting

βœ” Professional designs with personalized branding and logo

βœ” Full SEO optimization and lifetime support
βœ– The turnaround time for some stores can be high (up to 10 days)

βœ– Prices of some stores can be very high

βœ– Complex pricing plans

9. Brandafy

Brandafy official page

Next in our list of Dropshipping Stores For Sale is an affordable provider for prebuilt Dropshipping stores – Brandafy. This platform offers pre-established Shopify Dropshipping stores in various niches, equipped with best-selling and fast-shipping products sourced from verified suppliers across the US, UK, EU, Australia, and Asia.Β 

With Branafy, you can get a website loaded with products, ads, and other goodies within 24 hours. The platform also offers inventory automation and direct integration with suppliers, enabling you to select and import products from a vast catalog in a few clicks. 

You also get endless support for your newly acquired store and free resources to help you build a profitable dropshipping store. 

Brandafy Pricing:

For a prebuilt Dropshipping store with 20 high-performing products, prices start at only $21 for a one-time purchase. However, the cost for an advanced custom-built Dropshipping store may range from $600 to $1000.

βœ” Extremely low-cost Shopify dropshipping stores

βœ” Responsive themes with professional branding, logos, and domain name

βœ” Completely ready store containing winning products from the top supplier

βœ” Fast turnaround time (Within 24 hours)
βœ– Might take up to 2 weeks to receive a fully custom store

βœ– Some stores may be below par in terms of quality

βœ– Poor customer care service

10. Fiverr

Last in our list of Dropshipping Stores For Sale is Fiverr. Am very sure you might have heard about Fiverr, it’s not your ordinary Dropshipping provider. Through Fiverr you can hire professional freelancers. You also can offer services on Fiverr. When it comes to Dropshipping stores, you can hire a full time assistant to manage your Dropshipping business. You can hire all sorts of professionals such as copywriter, logo design and much more.

Fiverr Overview

Fiverr supports multiple languages, with this feature you can change the language to the country you are targeting. The pricing on this platform is very low and not very expensive.

Fiverr Pricing:

The Pricing for Fiverr starts at $100 and ranges up to $2000.

Fiverr ProsFiverr Cons
βœ” Simple and Easy to Use

βœ” Multiple Languages feature available

βœ” Will help you make your skills better

βœ” You don’t require to bid for your services
βœ– No free Trial

βœ– Difficult for Beginners

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Final Word: Dropshipping Stores For Sale, Is It Worth It?

Purchasing an established dropshipping store can save you a lot of time and effort and allow you to hit the market relatively quickly. However, there are slight disadvantages, with a very high upfront cost being the main one. Also, you may encounter some out-of-trend products performing well in the past but not anymore. 

Nevertheless, it’s a risky endeavor because of the complex process and ever-looming chances of getting scammed. Therefore, I recommended starting with a cheaper option, such as Brandafy or Dropship for Sale, to test the waters before making a substantial investment.

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