Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout 2023 — The Winner (#1 Choice)

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Confused between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout? Well, you’ve come to the right page to clear your confusion.

Both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are amazing Amazon Seller Tools with robust features. These two tools are the go-to tools for most of Amazon sellers.

Most people believe that these tools offer similar features but since I’ve used both of these tools extensively. I would say both of them have a lot of differences.

When it comes to tools for Amazon sellers, I look for resources, data accuracy, pricing, and so on in these tools to compare them easily.

That’s why I’ve compared Helium 10 and Jungle Scout based on these parameters and this will definitely help you in making a decision for yourself.

In this post, I’ve featured a comparison between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout based on their pricing, features, ease of use, customer support, and so on.

Let’s dive into the details.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: The Key Distinctions

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout tools are both specially designed for Amazon sellers and these tools have robust features to offer. Let’s take a look what are the key distinctions between these tools:

Helium 10: In a Nutshell

Helium 10 is an amazing suite of tools that is specially made for Amazon sellers. I personally used this tool for over a year and I got really good results with it. The best part about Helium 10 is that it is the best choice even for a beginner.

It has tools like Amazon niche selection, refund management, email automation, and much more. Helium 10 offers the full set of Amazon FBA tools whereas Jungle Scout focuses on product research. That is the main difference between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Note: I have already shared my detailed Helium 10 Review to help you get detailed insights into Helium 10 toolkit.

Jungle Scout: In a Nutshell

Just like Helium 10, Jungle Scout is also one of the best choices of Amazon Sellers. When Jungle Scout was introduced, it mainly focused on product researching but over the years it started offering other amazing tools such as Supplier sourcing, Inventory management, launching & optimizing product listing, and much more.

Jungle Scout is still excelling at Helium 10 when it comes to data accuracy. There is no other tool available in the market which is more accurate than Jungle Scout.

Note: If you want to know more about Jungle Scout Well check my detailed Jungle Scout Review here.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Data Accuracy Comparison

The one and only thing every Amazon seller wants is accurate data. To see which one is more accurate let’s do a data accuracy comparison between Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Accuracy Of Helium 10

In the past Jungle Scout did thorough research on most of the Amazon Seller tools. On the basis of results, it prepared an accuracy chart of all the tools. According to the chart Helium 10 is only 74% accurate which is a good number but still not up to the mark.

When I used Helium 10 for finding the right products, I got the best results most of the time but sometimes the data was not meeting my expectations.

Accuracy of Jungle Scout

According to the same research chart, it was determined that Jungle Scout is 84.1% accurate. To prepare this chart, Jungle Scout has run many tests on every tool mentioned in the chart.

Jungle Scout - Accuracy

This chart determines that Jungle Scout is the most accurate Amazon seller tool which has the lowest margin of error. If you don’t believe in my word then check this screenshot to see for yourself.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Ease of Use

As a beginner Amazon seller, you would definitely want to get started with a tool that is really easy to use. It would be foolish if I get started with a tool that is really complex to navigate. To explain the ease of use of these tools I’ll be comparing their selected tools. Let’s take a look at their ease of use.

Helium 10: Ease of Use

Helium 10 has a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. To explain its ease of use, I am going to explain the working Black Box tool of Helium 10.

Helium 10 - Black Box

To start using the Black Box tool, you need to click on it from Helium 10’s dashboard. Once you open the tool, it will look something like this.

In the above screenshot, you can see that its interface is easy but it can be a little confusing for a beginner. To get the desired outcome, you need to apply various filters.

When you’re searching for the right products on Helium 10, you need to click on the filters option and that will show you the advanced view of products.

Helium 10 - Filter

There are some other exciting filters are available such as best sales period, price change %, and variation count.

To get additional data on any product just click on pricing or sale number in the black box tool. It will show you the pricing of all the products along with how many times it was sold in the past.

Jungle Scout: Ease of Use

As I already mentioned that both of these tools are easy to navigate. To show you guys I am going to use the Product database tool of Jungle Scout. 

Jungle Scout - Product Database

In the above screenshot, you can see that Jungle Scout’s interface is streamlined for beginners. That means all the filters and options are available in the front of the product database page. Using these filters and different options, you can find the products you’re looking for easily.

Conducting product research is really easy. All you need to do is apply some filters like specific keywords, countries, seller types, and so on. Once you’re done with the filters just hit the search button to get the desired results.

On the next page, you will be able to see all the details of products on the basis of price, rank, reviews, product category, monthly revenue, and so on.

When you click on a particular product it will also show you its seasonal performance.

Jungle Scout -  Sessional Performance

Along with other useful data, it will also show you how many units have been sold in the past for each and every product.

Verdict: I’ve compared the Black Box tool with the Product database. The working of these tools is really easy to understand. But Jungle Scout is much more beginner-friendly than Helium 10.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Features Comparison

To make you understand what both of these tools offer, I’ve prepared a features comparison table. Let’s take a look at that:

FeaturesJungle ScoutHelium 10
Product Research
Keyword Research
Keyword Rank Tracker
Profit & Sales Tracking
Request Reviews in One Click
Product Tracking
Opportunity Finder
Inventory Manager
Global Supplier Database x
Opportunity Score x
Product Launch Service x
Unlimited Email Campaigns x
PPC Automation Tool x
Mobile App x
Features Comparison of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Verdict: From the above comparison table, you can see that both of these tools offer many features. But when it comes to individual features, Jungle Scout excels at Helium 10. Helium 10 excels when it comes to PPC features. To sum it up, Jungle Scout has more to offer than Helium 10.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Pricing Comparison

Both of these tools offer very flexible and affordable pricing to their users. I will explain every plan of these tools in brief to give you an accurate idea of pricing.

Let’s take a deep dive into their pricing plans.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

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Helium 10 has basically 4 pricing plans. Along with that it also offers a free plan to its new users. The free plan offers very limited access to a few tools of Helium 10. Let’s take a look at the other 4 plans of Helium 10.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

1. Starter Plan: The starter plan starts at $39/month. This plan is for training purposes which means if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to start the Amazon FBA business then purchase the starter plan of Helium 10. It offers access to the X-ray feature of Helium 10 and also training resources such as Freedom Ticket Amazon Training.

2. Platinum Plan: The Platinum plan starts at $99/month. As a beginner, you can get started with the platinum plan to start your FBA business. It offers all the essential tools of Helium 10 such as a keyword tracker, index checker, ASIN alerts, follow-up emails, and so on.

3. Diamond Plan: The Diamond plan begins at $249/month. This plan is good for growing Amazon sellers. It offers all the features of the Platinum plan and it also offers multi-user login, up to 4 seller central account connections, inventory management, and so on.

4. Elite Plan: The Elite plan begins at $399/month. If you’re an advanced seller and want rapid growth then this is the right choice for you. It offers all the features of the diamond plan, and also it offers in-person workshops, monthly live training with some of the industry experts, and so on.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Note: Yes, I have shared working Jungle Scout discount codes to help you get upto 30% off on Jungle Scout.

There are two types of pricing plans available on Jungle Scout and are Standard plans and Package plans. I am going to explain the standard pricing of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout - Pricing

1. Basic Plan: This plan of Jungle Scout costs $49/month and it is good for beginner Amazon sellers. In this plan, you will get a single-user license with access to Jungle Scout browser extensions.

2. Suite Plan: This plan starts at $69/month and it is good for growing Amazon sellers. In this plan, you will get access to all the features of the basic plan and it also offers multiple user access, historical data & analysis, review automation, and so on.

3. Professional Plan: The professional plan of Jungle Scout begins at $129/month and it is the best choice for advanced Amazon sellers. This plan offers all the features of the Suite plan and it also comes with features like two years of historical data, up to 6 user licenses, 1000 ASINs tracker, and so on.

Verdict: I explained all the plans of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. It is clear that Jungle Scout is much cheaper than Helium 10. Because its beginner plan starts at $49/month whereas Helium 10’s beginner plan starts at $97/month.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Resources & Customer Support

Whenever I want to get started with a tool, I check their two most important aspects which are what type of resources they are offering and is their customer support reliable. I am going to explain both of these aspects of these two tools in detail to give you an overview.

Jungle Scout: Resources & Customer Support

When I started with Jungle Scout, I found a lot of resources that helped me in becoming a good Amazon Seller. It has resources like Jungle Scout Academy where you can learn everything about being an Amazon Seller. It has vast resources in its resources section and they also have a personal blog where you can find many case studies discussed in-depth.

Jungle Scout - Customer Review

Whenever I got stuck using Jungle Scout, I simply contacted the customer support team of Jungle Scout. I’ve got a response from their customer support representatives instantly. They are available 24*7.

Helium 10: Resources & Customer Support

Helium 10 also has vast training resources. They offer courses like Freedom Ticket where you can learn how to sell efficiently on Amazon. But to gain access to this course, you need to purchase the higher plans of Helium 10.

Helium 10’s customer support is also as reliable as Jungle Scout’s. That means you can get answers to your queries quicker than your expectations.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Integration Option

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout offers integration option. With the Chrome extension, you can easily integrate these tools. 

Helium 10 Integration:  

  • Xray
  • ASIN Grabber
  • Review Downloader 
  • Profitability Calculator 
  • Inventory Level 
  • Listing Health Score 

Jungle Scout Integration:  

  • Product Tracker 
  • AccuSales Estimate 
  • Keyword Scout 
  • Opportunity Score 
  • Product Database 
  • Supplier Database

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Pro & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Helium 10 Pros

  • It comes with a free plan with limited access to all the tools
  • More advanced features than Jungle Scout
  • It is the complete solution you will need to grow as an Amazon seller
  • Inventory protector tool to help you protect your listings & inventory
  • Freedom Ticket Course Access

Helium 10 Cons

  • Not as easy to use as Jungle Scout
  • A bit expensive
  • No mobile app is available

Jungle Scout Pros

  • Affordable than Helium 10
  • Much easier to understand and use than Helium 10
  • Allows you to track all your sales
  • Amazing product research tool
  • Beginner-friendly

Jungle Scout Cons

  • It offers fewer tools than Helium 10
  • Working is limited to product research & sourcing
  • No free trial or free version is available

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Customer Reviews

No one trusts a tool blindly. Everyone wants to see what other users are saying about a particular tool. So let’s take a look at user testimonials:

Helium 10 Testimonials

Trust Pilot rated Helium 10 as 4.5 out of 5 and it has over 97 reviews of users.

Helium 10 - Customer Review

Jungle Scout Testimonials

Jungle Scout has also been given a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trust Pilot and it has over 2496 user testimonials for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout - Review

So you have seen the reviews of Jungle Scout and Helium 10. Now you have an idea about the popularity of these two tools.

Alternatives To Helium 10 And Jungle Scout

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are the two best Amazon seller tools. But not everyone is going to like these tools. For those, I have mentioned alternatives to Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

1. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is another great Amazon seller tool that can help you start selling on Amazon in no time. It is the perfect alternative to Jungle Scout and Helium 10. I have also compared both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout with Viral Launch. Check my Helium 10 vs Viral Launch and Jungle vs Viral Launch here.

2. AmazeOwl

If you want a reliable product research tool to help you find winning Amazon products, then AmazeOwl is the perfect choice for you. I have also compared AmazeOwl with Jungle Scout in my comparison here.

More Comparisons:

The Final Verdict: Which Tool Is The Clear Choice?

So I’ve compared Helium 10 and Jungle Scout in-depth. Now you have a good idea about both of these tools. 

It’s time to announce the verdict of this comparison, meaning which one to choose, Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

The choice always depends on you. I’ve used both of these tools extensively, so I would recommend Jungle Scout. I am suggesting Jungle Scout on the basis of easy to navigate interface, which is really good for beginners.

But if you want to check both of these tools for yourself, then you should do that and make the decision unbiasedly. Once you’re done with the comparison, let me know which one you are going to choose in the comment section below.

FAQs On Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

Which tool is the best: Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

It all comes to your requirements. I can not say that one tool is superior to the other because both of them offer similar sets of tools.

Is there a better tool than Jungle Scout?

There are many tools available in the market such as Helium 10, Viral Launch, Zonbase,  AMZScout, and so on. Try these tools on your own and see which is the suitable one for you.

Do Jungle Scout and Helium 10 offer a free trial?

Both of these tools don’t offer any free trial to their users. But there is a free plan available on Helium 10. You can try it out to check the capability of Helium 10.

Is there a money-back guarantee available on Helium 10 and Jungle Scout?

Yes, both of these tools offer money-back guarantees. Helium 10 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee whereas Jungle Scout offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Is Helium 10 free?

Yes, there is a free plan available on Helium 10 which offers limited access to Helium 10. This plan has a validity of forever.

Which tool is beginner-friendly?

There is no doubt that Jungle Scout is more beginner-friendly than Helium 10.

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