How To Become An Amazon Influencer In 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

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Are you thinking on How to Become an Amazon Influencer? If yes, then this is the ultimate guide for you. If you use social media platforms frequently, you can relate to the term ‘Social Media Influencers.’ But have you ever heard about Influencer marketing?

If not, let me tell you one thing, influencer marketing is currently valued at over $16.4 billion, and there’s a good reason. More than 60% of online shoppers and consumers trust recommendations from their favorite social media influencers. And the remaining one trusts in brand advertising or social proof. 

Amazon’s Influencer Program is one of those platforms that offer impressive commission rates in return for little promotion. If you are uploading content daily on popular social media platforms and have a decent number of followers, you can start using this program right away. 

In this following post, I will share an ultimate guide on “How to become an Amazon Influencer.” I have also included how you can use this program smartly and what’s in it for you. So Lets Get Started with How to Become an Amazon Influencer.

What is the Amazon Influencer Program? 

The Amazon Influencer Program is part of the Amazon Affiliate (Associate) Program that posts product-related content on Amazon created by social media influencers. Through this program, the audience of the influencers can find products on Amazon in which they might be interested. 

The qualifications for this program are apparent as it is titled. If you love to create daily content and have a decent fan following (more than 20K followers), you are qualified to register for the program. 

To sign up for the program, you must have a running Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or other popular social media account. You must be active enough to post regular content and an engaging audience. If you’re already working with brands to promote their products, you can quickly get started without any problems. 

How to Become an Amazon Influencer? 

If you’re aware of the requirements and consider yourself suitable for the program, you can follow these steps to become an Amazon Influencer. 

Step #1. Create an Account

Applying for the Amazon Influencer program requires a customer account. First, you’ll need to visit the Amazon Influencers page to create one. Click on the blue Sign Up button that you can find in the center of the header image. 

 How to Become an Amazon Influencer - Amazon

You’ll find two options on the next page–use an existing account and create a new account. If you are already using a customer account, you can use that existing account to apply for the Amazon Influencer program. With the existing account, you can still access your previous content, shopping history, product list & reviews. 

On the other hand, choosing the “create new account” will require your name, valid email, password, and address. 

Create An Amazon Account

Step #2. Apply for the Amazon Influencer Program

Before applying for the program, you will need to go through the registration. This process requires you to fill in a few details regarding your personal and social media accounts’ information. 

check your eligiblity
  • Information about your most distinguished social media account. 
  • A clearly visible profile picture 
  • Header image (optional) 
  • Your name
  • A character bio (minimum 350 words) 
  • URLs or usernames of all your social media handles
  • You address 

While choosing your main social media account, you will see a few significant platform options: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Twitter used to be on this list, but it got removed recently. Make sure to choose your most engaged social media account. The more engaging audience you will have, the more chances of success you will get with this program. 

Note: Selecting Instagram as your prominent account will require you to list the number of followers, total numbers of posts, and Instagram handle in case they get confused with fake or similar accounts. 

Step #3. Create Your Storefront 

As a member of the Amazon Brand Registry, you can create a storefront to show interest in the brands you are going to promote. You can list the products of the brands with affiliate links through your content. 

It would be a lot easier to promote the products you use in your daily life. You can show your audience proof of how it is different from others. Or you can post a video of using the product so your audience will have more transparency. 

Step #4. Fill out your Storefront 

This is not the usual Amazon Associates account where you sell products of your own. So you don’t have to stock products in your inventory. It most likely depends on your content type, brands, and products you promote.

If you are famous, brands will reach out to you according to the content you’re providing. For example, if you are a professional cook and post recipes on YouTube or Instagram, kitchen appliance brands will try to reach you and ask you to promote their products. Amazon also gives tons of choices of brands (those who sell on Amazon) to famous influencers. 

Step #5. Promote Brands through your Content

Finally, it’s time to promote! As I said before, if you promote brands that comply with the content you post, the audience will also be interested in that particular product.

All creators have different types of approaches to providing content. Some creators like to post long videos on YouTube, and some like to use YouTube Shorts or Reels to post short videos. While creating the video content, make sure to pick a relevant product to promote. 

Try not to focus on marketing or advertising the product entirely. Instead, you can smartly use the product to create content by doing whatever you do. It will impact differently on your viewers, and inspired by your video; they will be encouraged to use the product.

What Type of Products to choose for the Influencer Program? – How to Become an Amazon Influencer 

Applying for the Amazon Influencer program might open a lot of earning opportunities, but that doesn’t mean you force yourself to promote something you don’t belong to. The Influencer program is all about promoting brands that you enjoy by staying in character. The products you choose somehow must add value to your influencing career. 

Don’t choose a brand or product that doesn’t fit with your content. If you create videos based on doing makeup, promoting beauty products makes sense. But it would look weird if you promote baby toys or hot sauce. 

Once you establish your Amazon Influencer storefront, you can start promotion on a considerable level. You can use all the resources to generate more revenue. If your followers somehow don’t like the products you have linked with your content, they can look for the other products in your storefront. 

Join Amazon Bounty Program – How to Become an Amazon Influencer 

Amazon’s Bounty program is a part of the Influencer program that opens a few extra sources of income. Amazon often comes with various bounties meant to be promoted by influencers. Usually, they come with flat payouts, and you will get paid every time whenever someone subscribes through your link. 

Here are some Amazon services and products you will see on bounties. 

  • Amazon Prime 
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Amazon Business 
  • Kindle Unlimited 
  • Amazon Pantry 
  • Audible 

To join Amazon’s Bounty program, you can follow these steps. 

  • Log in to your Influencer account
  • Click on the Bounty Program Page
  • Select a bounty that matches your content or brand
  • Click on the “Get Banner” or “Get Link” button and paste it into your social media bio or website. 

You can’t paste bounty links in your content or post them as product promotions. Putting the banner in your storefront and links within your bio is best.

Tracking and Analysis How to Become an Amazon Influencer

As a member of Amazon Associates, you can leverage the in-built tracking tools offered by Amazon. You can track your Influencer account weekly from your dashboard. 

With Amazon’s tracking features, you can accurately analyze the following items. 

  • Number of clicks
  • Ordered items
  • Shipped items
  • Conversion rate 
  • Total earnings 

The data summary is portrayed in a graph that dictates the visual representation of the actual breakdown. However, you can click on the Reporting Tab for detailed analysis. 

Now, you must be wondering about when you will get paid. According to Amazon’s payment schedule, you will receive payments exactly 60 days after the end of the month in which the product was purchased. Like, if the item is purchased in May, you will get paid at the end of July. 

Note: Due to Amazon’s terms and conditions, you won’t get paid twice if someone uses the same link to purchase the same product again. 

Why Choose Amazon Influencer Program?How to Become an Amazon Influencer

Influencers are meant to influence their fans’ lives in a positive way. And Amazon’s Influencer program adds a little fortune to your creativity. Influencers and content creators can offer value to their audience and get paid for references and recommendations. 

You don’t have to spend your precious time creating a product list, managing inventory, or bearing subscription fees. You can just start promoting products by setting up your influencer account. Using this program, you can earn upto $1,000-$1,500 a month. 

The commission heavily depends on the type of products and can vary from 1% to 10%. Please don’t choose a product with a high commission rate that is not related to your niche because it can negatively impact your audience. Also, you won’t get the earnings as you have expected. Instead, choose a brand under your niche, even if it has low commission rates. You might get less commission per item, but it will be frequent. 

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Conclusion: How to Become an Amazon Influencer (2023)

Becoming an Amazon Influencer is not that hard until you have enough evidence of your social media profiles and activities. You still need to be accepted into the program after reviewing by Amazon. 

After starting the program, you need to be tricky with product promotion. It would be best if you promote brands or products you use in your daily lifestyle. 

I hope this guide suits your purpose well. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your experience. 

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