How to Get Reviews on Amazon In 2023 (7 Best Ways)

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Every Amazon product page has a review section where customers can write their opinion about the product, shopping experience, etc. Amazon reviews are crucial for your business as they have the potential to boost your product ranking, conversion rate, and overall sale. 

Customers are likely to believe an unbiased opinion from someone who has already bought the product, and an Amazon review provides it. While these reviews can determine the future success of your product, they are pretty hard to get, particularly in the beginning. 

There are many ways you can get reviews on your product page, such as the Amazon review request program, Vine program, etc. In this guide, I will talk about some of the proven methods to get genuine reviews on your product.

How to Get Reviews on Amazon?

Before we begin, an important thing to notice is that you should never try to get fake reviews. Sellers use various tricks such as paying people to write positive reviews, asking family and friends to write reviews, writing fake reviews by themselves, etc. 

Amazon has developed algorithms to deal with such fake reviews, and you may face a permanent ban on your seller account. 

Let’s take a look at some genuine and safe ways you can make your customer leave reviews.

1. Offer Quality Product

It’s slow, but the best way to generate valid and positive reviews. A happy customer is your key to success on Amazon or any online marketplace. Make sure your product has the same characteristics you mentioned in the description. Don’t trick your customers into buying something they will regret later. 

A survey shows almost 50% of satisfied customers write product reviews. If you are adding a new product to your inventory, try to choose the one that customers would like to review. You can use any competitor analysis tool or manually check products and reviews. It will give you an overall view of the product, its strong and weak points, and customers’ complaints. 

Try to rectify those issues with your product; customers may look at your product as a solution and leave positive reviews on your page. 

2. Provide Quality Customer Care

If you are using your own fulfillment service, you are responsible for providing customer support to buyers. This is, in fact, an opportunity to get reviews. 

Quality Customer Care

Listen carefully to the customers’ issues and provide the solution as soon as possible. Customers hate to wait, so answer their calls immediately and, if needed, give them a callback. Sometimes good customer service can make up for a bad product experience. Customers must hang up the phone thinking that you are serious about their concerns. This will make him leave a good review. 

Another way of engaging with your customers is by adding a Q&A section on your product page. Answer the queries honestly and be 100% truthful about product specifications, shipping time, return policy, etc. The goal is to create a bond with customers. This will definitely help you get more positive reviews. 

3. Follow Up Email

A good follow up email is a good marketing tactic to win your customers’ faith. It’s quick and cheap and helps you build communication with your customer. 

 Follow Up Email

You can use any professional email automation tool to send out thank you emails whenever someone buys your products. This will definitely increase the chance of getting good reviews on your product pages. However, getting customers’ email addresses is tricky since Amazon doesn’t share their contact details with sellers. 

A good practice is using social media, blogs, etc, to create a customer list and ask them to subscribe to your page. It will give you access to their email id which you can use later to send follow-up emails. 

4. Encourage Buyers to Leave A Review (Product Inserts)

Product inserts are another effective way to generate and stop negative reviews. You can slip a Thank you note inside the product packaging, with just enough information regarding your business and contact details. 

On this note, you can encourage the customer to leave product feedback and rate your service. Remember that Amazon has strict guidelines regarding Product inserts, and you can’t ask customers to write positive reviews or offer discounts. 

The best is to stay neutral and smart with the note. You can ask your customer to follow you on social media or subscribe to your blog for further interaction.  

5. Address Negative Reviews Professionally

No product on Amazon only has positive reviews. Yes, you will get many negative reviews, but it’s your job to address them. Go through your product reviews regularly or use Review alert tools like Jungle Scout, which will notify you whenever you get a negative review. 

Address Negative Reviews

Be patient and professional with your approach and assure the customer that whatever the issue is, it will be taken care of. Don’t shy away from offering financial restitution or replacement if the product is faulty and unusable. 

6. Amazon Review Request

Your customer is basically an Amazon customer, and it is very little you can do from the platform to contact them. However, there is an option where you can directly ask them to rate your product. 

On your seller central page, there is a Request a review button on every order. When you click on it, Amazon will send an automated email to your customer, asking them to rate your product and service. It is one of the best methods to get a rating on your product. The customers don’t need to write a personal review; they can just choose the stars (1-5) they want to give right from the email. 

7. Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon Vine program is another authentic way to get honest product reviews. This is helpful in two ways. First, you get the number of reviews from verified reviewers, and second, you get a 100% honest review that can help you rectify the issue with your product. 

Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine program is for sellers who have Amazon brand-registered products. The only condition is that you must have less than 30 reviews at the time of applying. 

You provide 30 units to Vine reviewers, who will test and use the product and give their honest opinion. The vine program is a good way to get reviews on new products, as it might take a long to get customers’ reviews. 

Vine reviews are brutally honest, but they will help you understand the expectations from your products and identify the changes you need to make before you start selling them to your customers. 

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Conclusion: How To Get Reviews On Amazon (2023)

Getting product reviews is tricky; however, the best way to get positive reviews constantly is by projecting yourself as a reliable brand in the marketplace. This is not a quick process; developing a relationship with your customers takes time. Understand your target audience and give them the products that they love. Analyze the market and competition and offer the solution. 

If you are able to build a brand that connects to your audience, they will support you in your journey and encourage other buyers to purchase from you. 

Here is a quick suggestion:

You use Jungle Scout’s review automation tool, where you can automate the review request process. You can send bulk review requests or set it for future orders. A review request will be sent automatically when someone buys a product from you. 

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