How to Increase Sales on Amazon? (Detailed Guide)

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Amazon has an indefensible position as one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. Statistics show that half of the world’s population starts their virtual shopping journey from Amazon. It also wins the contest in consumer numbers against Google. 

If you’re an Amazon FBA or individual seller, you want to provide the best products to your customers. For that, you must overcome your competitors in terms of providing the best price, great content, and fast delivery. In return, you get better revenues, rewards from Amazon, and a BSR tag on your products. 

If you’re about to start your marketplace on Amazon or have been grinding for decades, this guide will help you boost your sales and increase your conversions no matter what the circumstances. This way, you can also stabilize a better position on Amazon Store. 

How to Increase Sales on Amazon? 

We have listed a few valuable ways to increase sales on Amazon. If you’re stuck behind a barrier that once breached, you get remarkably high rewards. Here are a few pro-tips to break that barrier. 

1. Set Promotional Offers or Lightning Deals

A lightning deal or promotional offer is a time-limited product on the Amazon deal’s page that is featured under your marketplace for a few hours (approx 6-8 hours). Sellers can find the lightning deals under the Advertising section with a timeframe mentioned. 

Promotional offers and lightning deals are the best ways to increase sales in a few hours. To set a deal, you must have a Prime Seller account, and the product you set must have a good sales history with a 3-star rating and a few 5-star customer ratings. 

2. Perform Keyword Research

Whether it’s selling on Amazon or sales through funnels, both play a significant role in generating sales traffic. Once you manage to rank your product listing on Amazon’s SERP, you will definitely start getting sales and exposure above your expectations. Amazon shoppers usually choose the path of the search bar to find their specific product, which explains the importance of keyword research in increasing sales. You can make use of various Amazon keyword research tools to carry out keyword research.

That’s why you must populate your product listing with keywords by doing proper keyword research. Fortunately, some techniques will help you prioritize your listing on the shopper’s search bar. 

Autocomplete Function

Amazon’s search bar similarly works to Google’s. As soon as you enter a couple of letters on the Google search bar, they start giving suggestions based on other users’ searches. Similarly, Amazon also autocompletes the suggestion based on other accurate user-generated data. You can search products by typing letter by letter and making notes for product listing. Developers can set it through ASIN codes. 

Spy on Your Rivals

As an Amazon seller, you can easily find your rivals and their successful products. You can use a different combination of words than your opponents and list your product keywords that describe them better. 

You can also use the BSR tag to find successful products of your opponents. You can find the BSR tag in a niche, and clicking on that niche will display the top 100 products. You can find the one that ranks on the top and use better description, title, and bullet points on your product listings. 

Use a Keyword Research Tool

There are many free and paid keyword research tools out there for Amazon. You can use premium ones like Jungle Scout, and Helium 10. These premium tools will find you the best keywords for your product listings. You can also use free software like Sonar designed to find ideal keywords for your products. 

3. Use High-Quality Images of the Products

Standard and low-quality images can be the reason for your embarrassing sales. So, it can be a foolish act not to visit the preview after choosing your product’s image from Amazon’s image gallery. 

In other cases, if you’re using the original image you took, make sure it is clean, attractive, white background, minimum 1000px, and the main product take 85% of the image space. The package must be visible in an appealing way. 

If your product has a high-resolution image, shoppers can hover over the image to zoom in to see the specific details written on the products. This is a unique way to increase your sales.

4. Write a Fine Product Listing Content

Even if you have done the best keyword research for your product but haven’t spent any time on your product listing content, your products will not be optimized well. A finely optimized information of a product definitely helps you rank and get better conversions. 

As a seller, you must choose your words wisely. The title and the information written on the product should not be hard to read. Instead, focus on logical, readable words even if you have to compromise your SEO attempts. The content you write must be relevant to the product, and you must include Brand, Model, Ingredients, Color, Number of the item, and most importantly, what the product is. 

You can write the description in bullet points. This way, shoppers can easily understand your product features and what it is offering. 

5. Sponsored Ads

Sponsoring Ads on your products for your target audience, backed by highly focused niche keywords, is the best possible way to increase your sales on Amazon. Amazon offers CPC advertising to their sellers. You can test your sales by adjusting the budgets and bids for each click. This way can also learn the impact of your campaign and how much it is going to cost you per click made by your target audience. 

If you have never tried this promotional method as an Amazon seller tool, you might be losing many opportunities to increase your sales. You can manage your campaign to specify to your visitor whether the click will lead them to Amazon Store or your own online store. If you are luring them to your store, make sure to showcase all your products and offers they can’t deny buying. 

6. Use an Automatic Repricing Tool

Using the automatic repricing tool can affect your sales in three ways. 

  • Repricing tools set the best price for a specific product making it affordable in that niche. That directly finds the way to seal the deal because most customers sort the filters to “Low to High.”
  • When your product has an affordable price, it has already started the competition in a winning way. 
  • The automatic repricing tool makes sure the product is sold in profit, even in a highly competitive niche. 

Using the automatic repricing tool totally depends on you. If you’re not generating the targeted revenue, you can try other ways. Don’t reprice the product at a loss in the heat of competition.

7. Provide Enough of Social Proof

A survey reveals that 90% of the shoppers believe in customer feedback and opinions of their loved ones. That’s why it is crucial to have a customer feedback section under each product you sell. 

Create a Social Media Platform for your Marketplace 

Most people believe in quality over quantity. When they see enough evidence of a product’s quality on various social media platforms, they instantly rush to buy that product. That’s why having a social platform for your marketplace is necessary. Here you can post successful quality products with genuine customer reviews and feedback. 

Request a Review

There aren’t any personalized emailing options to motivate your customers to leave a review, but you can request a review from your customers from your Seller’s Order Reports section. 

The Early Reviewer Program

This program randomly selects customers to participate in a program where they have to leave a review after purchasing a new product from Amazon. This program is costly, that’s why it is not a very popular opinion.

8. Manage Your Inventory

Being out of stock is typical if you have a BSR product running under your marketplace. But when you can’t avoid this avoidable situation, you can suffer loss. That’s why you must manage your inventory within time. When a transaction fails because you didn’t manage to deliver the item from your inventory, you could lose a long-term relationship with a loyal customer. 

This is one of the main reasons Amazon doesn’t allocate the Buy Box to their sellers simply because they failed to fulfill an order. 

9. Drive External Traffic 

There are five significant ways you can drive external traffic to Amazon listings. 

  • Use social media marketing. 
  • Take advantage of email marketing
  • Test Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Make a connection with Amazon influencers
  • Harvest the best keywords 

People often overlook this method because they don’t want to look at Amazon as an open ecosystem. You can run a marketplace within your marketing efforts without compromising your external traffic using these ways. 

10. Expand Into New Territories

Running a marketplace outside your territory can be a master plan to increase sales. This is the one way to bring your best-selling product to a new market and the next step for growth. 

You can expand your marketplace outside your territory and square up against traditional retail marketplaces in India, Japan, and China. 

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Final Verdict: How to Increase Sales on Amazon?

As the most significant player in this e-commerce world, Amazon sets guidelines and protocols in an open ecosystem. That makes it more challenging for the new sellers. But Amazon also understands that setting up high barriers can damage their own business. 

That’s why some loopholes and strategies can increase your sales in the most effective way. Staying within guidelines and following strategies will help you optimize your traffic and generate more sales. 

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