How to Sell Used Items on Amazon In 2023

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Are you looking for a platform to sell your used items? Fortunately, Amazon is offering such a place for sellers. 

You must have heard a lot about online arbitrage and private-label selling on Amazon. But you might be unaware of the fact that Amazon also allows you to sell used items under some terms and conditions. So you can also be a part of this great initiative and earn extra income rather than stockpiling those used products in the corner of your house.

In this post, I will share a step-by-step guide on how to sell used items on Amazon. I have also included must-read guidelines regarding selling used goods. 

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Used Items Guidelines for Selling on Amazon How to Sell Used Items on Amazon

While listing the used items on Amazon, you need to know some necessary factors. If you intentionally or unknowingly list a used item without mentioning the proper condition, your listed product will be rejected by Amazon.

Open Box or Like New :

The item must be in perfect working condition without scratches. It must be intact with original packaging (with or without protective wrapping). Instruction manuals should be included. 

Very Good :

The item is used for a limited time and has been well-cared. It might be showing some signs of wear, such as minor scratches. The original packaging might be damaged or good enough to be repackaged. Mention if any accessories or instruction manuals are missing. 

Good :

The item is fully functional and in good condition. It might be showing signs of wear due to consistent use. In the original packaging, a few parts or accessories might be missing. 


The item is not in excellent condition but is still functional. It might show some signs of dents, scratches, markings, worn corners, etc. Accessories, few parts, or original packaging might also be missing. 

Your product will be rejected by Amazon if:

  • It has heavy staining, dirty with mold, or shows other signs of dirtiness. 
  • It has been crashing due to damages.
  • It is missing necessary parts that help in functioning.
  • It is a replica of the original product.
  • It is repairable. 
  • It has been expired or outdated. 

Eligible Used Product Categories for Reselling

CategoryUsed Condition
Amazon KindleGood
Powersports & AutomotiveNew, Very good, Good, Acceptable
BooksNew, Good, Acceptable
Amazon Device AccessoriesNew, Very good, Good
Photo & CameraNew, Very good, Good
Baby Products (except apparel)New
Cell Phones & Accessories (unlocked)New, Good, Very good
Entertainment collectiblesAcceptable-Like New
Consumer ElectronicsNew, Very good, Good
Home & GardenNew, Very good, Good, Acceptable 
Fine ArtNew (including second-hand)
Health & Personal careNew
Grocery & Gourmet FoodNew
Scientific & IndustrialNew, Very good, Good
Independent DesignNew
Amazon Fire TV AccessoriesNew, Very good, Good
Music New, Good, Acceptable
Major AppliancesNew, Good, Very good
Music InstrumentsNew, Very good, Good, Acceptable
OutdoorsNew, Very good, Good
Office ProductsNew, Very good, Good, Acceptable
Pet SuppliesNew, Very good, Good
Personal ComputersNew, Very good, Good
SoftwareNew, Good
Handbags & ShoesNew
SportsNew, Very good, Good
Home Improvement & ToolsNew, Very good, Good
Video GamesNew, Good, Acceptable

Used Items You Can’t Sell On Amazon: 

We have already given a list of the used item which can sell on Amazon, but here we have listed the used items which you can’t sell on Amazon. 

  • Beauty
  • Baby Products 
  • Independent Design 
  • Fine Art 
  • Clothing 
  • Entertainment Collectibles 
  • Watches 
  • Health & Personal Care 
  • Shoes & Handbags 
  • Games & Toys 
  • Grocery & Gourmet Food 
  • Sports Collectibles 
  • Jewelry 
  • Collectible Coins 

How to sell used items on Amazon? How to Sell Used Items on Amazon

The selling procedure for used items on Amazon is the same as for new ones, except you have to label them as Used. If you already own an online store on Amazon, you can add used products to your existing product listings. You can begin from scratch by following a few simple steps if you’re new. 

Step 1. Sign up to Amazon Seller Central

In order to sell used items on Amazon, first, you need to sign up as an Amazon seller. To do that, you can create a new Amazon seller account by registering your email address and filling up necessary information such as bank account details, government-issued ID, credit card details, cell number, etc. 

 How to Sell Used Items on Amazon

Step 2. Select a suitable plan for your account 

Amazon offers two plans to fresh sellers: Individual and Professional. 

Individual Plan:

If you have less than 40 used items to sell in a month, you can choose the Individual plan, which costs you $0.99 per item sale. 

Amazon Plan

Professional Plan:

If you don’t want to limit yourself to just 40 items per month, you can purchase the subscription-based Professional plan, which costs flat $39.99/month no matter how many products you sell. 

Step 3. Choose a Fulfillment Method 

To sell used items, you can choose the FBA or FBM method for order fulfillment. 

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon):

In this fulfillment method, Amazon handles your complete order fulfillment process, which includes storing your inventory, packaging, shipping orders, etc. They also handle order returns in case the customer wants to replace or return the order. The only thing you have to do is ship your inventory to the Amazon warehouse for storage. You have to pay an FBA fee in return for handling your order fulfillment. 

 Amazon FBA

FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant):

In this method, you take responsibility for the order fulfillment process. You can avoid paying the service charges, but you have to find your own resources for product storage, packing, and shipping orders. 

Step 4. Create a product listing

If you have an existing seller account on Amazon, you can include used items in your product listing. New sellers can create a product listing and add multiple types of used products to sell. 

Create Amazon Listing

If you have multiple used products of the same items, you can find an existing listing on Amazon to list your items. Amazon doesn’t allow numerous product pages for the same item, so you need to piggyback your used items on an existing listing. 

In order to add your items to a product listing that already exists, follow these steps. 

  • Open your Seller Central dashboard and go to the Inventory section. Then click on “Add a Product.”
  • Search for your item by entering the product name, ASIN, UPC number, ISBM (for books), or EAN. 
  • Once you find an existing listing of the same item you have, you can click on “Apply to Sell” and fill in all the information about its used condition. 

Note: Don’t forget to add the authentic images of your used items along with the description. If it is a camera or cell phone, add the list of accessories you want to be included with the item. 

Step 5. Launch Your Store

Finally, you can submit your product listing and store for a review. Amazon’s review team will go through your details, and if all the details are correct, they will launch your store on Amazon within a few days. You will get notified when your products will get online for sale. 

 Launch Your Store

Tips For Selling Used Products on Amazon How to Sell Used Items on Amazon

Here are some tips approved by expert sellers that you can follow to sell used goods effortlessly. 

1. List Products’ Used Condition SensiblyHow to Sell Used Items on Amazon

While listing used items on Amazon, make sure to describe the condition of the item honestly. For example, if a product is used for a month or two, you must list it as “in good condition.” If you are one step above the actual condition and customers get disappointed after receiving the item, you might get bad reviews, and your product rankings will be affected badly. 

2. Add Condition Note with Proper ImagesHow to Sell Used Items on Amazon

While writing the condition note, add clear pictures of the same item so customers can check and make up their minds to purchase the item. You can also add images of packing and additional accessories you will provide with the item. 

3. Keep Your Prices Reasonable How to Sell Used Items on Amazon

While setting your prices on the listing, make sure to set your prices according to the product’s quality and condition. If you set the prices much higher than their condition, your sales might not be the same as you have expected. You can also spy on your competitors to set the prices in a competitive range. 

4. Provide Great Customer Support – How to Sell Used Items on Amazon 

Amazon is known for its reputation for providing instant solutions to the customer’s queries. They expect their sellers to provide customer-centric support, whether you’re a reseller or private label seller. So you also ensure to respond to customers’ queries as soon as possible to get satisfactory results in your rankings. 

FBA Grade & Resell: How to Sell Used Items on Amazon

FBA grade & resell is a program for the seller who previously sell new products. This program helps the FBA seller to relist unsold or return catalog as used, making it an alternative to having the catalog returned or removed to the seller. 

Let’s see how it works: Amazon will grade your product Used – Very Good so that you can regulate the price suitably. You will also get processing fees according to the size and weight of the product which ranges from $1.50 to $4. 

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Conclusion: How to sell used items on Amazon (2023) 

I hope this post finds all the solutions regarding selling used items on Amazon. This is Amazon’s new initiative to give sellers a platform to resell valid used items. It also helps shoppers with a low budget find their desired product without problems. So no more stockpiling used products. Sell it on Amazon to open an additional revenue stream

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