Jungle Scout Sales Estimator: How Does It Work?

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Want to know how Jungle Scout Sales Estimator works and how to make the best out of it? Stay tuned to find out more. 

Selling a product on Amazon involves a deep marketing study and while looking for a product to sell, it’s always better to have a sales target in mind. Jungle Scout Sales estimator can help you predict what your potential monthly sales could be for a given product. 

Jungle Scout is a popular Amazon seller suite that helps you automate your entire Amazon business operations. The sales estimator is a part of the Jungle Scout product research toolkit. 

In this article, we will discuss the sales estimator tool and I will also include a step-by-step guide on how to get monthly sales figures. 

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator: In A Nutshell

Overall Rating4.8/10★
Owned ByJungle Scout (JS Operating Company)
PricingStarting from $39/month
Data AccuracyAbove 80%
Free Plan
Trial Period7-day trial period
Browser Extension
Suited forProduct Research and analysis

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator: How Does It Work?

As I stated, Jungle Scout is one of the most reputed Amazon seller kits on the market. It offers several beneficial tools for sellers including product research, keyword analysis, inventory protector, opportunity score, and much more. 

The one we are talking about today is the sales estimator tool which can give you an overhead idea about a product’s average monthly sale. 

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is tricky and there are a number of data points to be studied and calculations to be made. The sales estimator tool eliminates the guesswork and brings you real-time sales data from Jungle Scout’s huge product database. 

With a sales estimator, you can analyze the performance of any product on a monthly basis for any period of time. To get more information about Jungle Scout, check out our detailed Jungle Scout Review here.

To find out sales performance, you need to:

  • Enter the best seller’s rank 
  • Pick Amazon marketplace (UK, USA, IND, etc)
  • Select the product category

As you press Enter, the estimator tool will give you a detailed product overview including:

  • The average number of reviews
  • Monthly sales average product rating
  • Potential revenue based on the current market trends
  • Expected profit margin
  • Product details (weight, patents, variations, etc)
  • Average Price

Features and Functionality: Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Accurate

The Jungle Scout sales estimator can bring you vital product data which can help you decide whether or not the product is going to meet your target sales. 

Also, the estimator retrieves real-time product data such as daily price, current product rating, and average revenue. The calculations are done on the basis of the current product price and average revenue.  

The sales estimator tool not only helps you pick the better product to sell but also allows you to keep an eye on your competitors’ top-selling products. Once you figure out their best-performing product, you can use other Jungle Scout tools to dig deep into their product pages and find out unique keywords, product reviews, and other details to stay in the competition. 

Is Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Accurate?

None of the predictions can help you if the data you’re dealing with is inaccurate. Thankfully, Jungle Scout brings you real-time precise product data which is updated regularly. 

There is no proven method to determine whether a sales tool is 100% accurate or not, however, based on the sellers’ experience and my personal opinion, I can tell you that Jungle Scout is amongst the top seller assistant platforms and all its tools provide a valid date with high precision. 

To prove their accuracy, the Jungle Scout team did a detailed survey on various seller toolkits including the likes of Helium 10, Viral Launch, and so on. Unsurprisingly, Jungle Scout claims to be on top with almost 85% accuracy. 

However, according to long-time sellers, Jungle Scout’s data is nearly 80% valid meaning 4 out of 5 times, the estimator will give you accurate results. You can definitely use some other tools to validate the results. 

How Much Does It Cost?

To use the sales estimator too, you need to buy any of Jungle Scout’s premium plans – basic, Suite, or Professional. Based on the plan, you get a limited number of usages every month. 

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Pricing

You can opt for a 7-day free trial to get a feel of the platform and its other tools before you can invest in a premium plan. Here is a breakdown of current pricing:

Usage allowed500 estimates/m1000 estimates/m1500 estimates/m
Product History1 month3 month6 months
Sales Analytics

What Are the Alternatives? – Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Sr. No.Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Alternatives
1.Helium 10
2.AMZScout Pro Extension

Jungle Scout is not the only player in the market and you can definitely check out some other Amazon seller platforms. Here are some worthy alternatives:

1. Helium 10: Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

One of the most comprehensive seller toolkits offers a powerful sales estimator tool as well. The best thing about Helium 10 sales estimator is that you can use it as you are browsing through the Amazon website. The chrome extension allows you to check products’ performance, monthly sales, average revenue, and other vital information without swapping through multiple pages. 

Helium 10 Sales Estimator

The Starting price of Helium 10 is $39/month with a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

2. AMZScout Pro Extension: Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

AMZScout Pro is another prominent seller aid. It’s a Google Chrome extension with a bunch of product research tools including a product discovery tool, a sales estimator, and a competitive analysis. You get multiple metrics to validate your product selection where you can find average product rank, sales figures over a period, and potential profit margin. 

AMZScout Pro Extension

The price of the AMZScout Pro extension is $45.99/month, $197.99/year, and $499 for a lifetime subscription. 

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Jungle Scout Sales EstimatorMy Verdict

Now, you must be wondering – Do I really need a sales estimator tool? The answer is definitely Yes! Being the largest international marketplace, Amazon brings plenty of opportunities but you can’t undermine the competition level. There are thousands of sellers, trying to rank the same products and to beat the competition, or at least to stay in it, you need to get your number sorted beforehand. 

You can hire experts and do things manually but first, it will take a lot of time to validate the product data, and second, the chances of error will be very high. 

The sales estimator tool, on the other hand, validates your product selection by extracting the essential sales figures, helping you determine whether the product is worth your time and effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions:  Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

What is the use of Sales Estimator tools?

You can use the sales estimator tool as getting monthly sales data, picking Amazon marketplace, type in the sale rank you wish to sell data for, and pick the Amazon product category.

Can I get more free estimates?

You can only get 10 free daily estimates, so you need to subscribe to any Jungle Scout plan to get more searches.

Do I get more estimates on Jungle Scout?

If you have to subscribe Jungle Scout Basic plan you can get only 500 estimates per month, on the Suite plan you will get 1000 estimates per month and on the Professional plan, you will get 1500 estimates per month.

How correct is a sales estimator?

The sales estimator is powered by AccuSales which offers the most correct sales estimation algorithm in the market for the product on Amazon.

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