Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: The Ultimate Battle!

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If you are an Amazon seller then you must have heard about Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are two pioneer Amazon seller tools. These two Amazon seller tools can seamlessly help you excel as an Amazon seller. 

The main problem arises when you have to decide which one of them you should choose. I’ve brought you a detailed comparison of Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch. 

In this post, I have featured a detailed comparison between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch based on data accuracy, pricing, key differences, customer support, and documentation.

At the end of this post, you will be able to decide between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch.

So Let’s get started.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: The Key differences

Before I explain both of these tools in detail let’s discuss what are the key differences they have:

  • For better Product Mining Data, Viral Launch is better among the two.

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch offer product mining tools. These tools are good for finding profitable products.

Viral Launch gives you better insights on any product such as micro metrics and data metrics. These data metrics are unit margin, Best Seller Rank (BSR), average rating. All of these are robust metrics.

Jungle Scout also gives detailed insights, data metrics, and reliable data. The best part about Jungle Scout is that it is more accurate than Viral Launch.

To sum it up, if you want more refined data on a product then Viral Launch gives you all that.

  • Chrome Extension Of Jungle Scout is very user-friendly.

If you are researching for a product on a browser then the Jungle Scout chrome extension is the best way to help out.

When you are browsing and also researching a product, Jungle Scout’s chrome extension gives you all the information about that product. This information consists of BSR ranks, opportunity scores, historical sales, listing quality, and so on.

If you are a beginner Amazon seller then Viral Launch’s chrome extension can be a bit overwhelming for you. It is not as user-friendly as Jungle Scout’s.

  • Jungle Scout is more affordable than Viral Launch.

The base pricing of Jungle Scout starts with $49/month whereas Viral Launch’s pricing begins with $69/month.

The best part about Jungle Scout’s basic plan is that it comes with all the features a beginner needs. Viral Launch does not offer enough features in their basic plan and that’s why their pricing does not justify the value for money.

Jungle Scout: In a Nutshell

Jungle Scout is an all-stop solution for Amazon Sellers. No matter whether you’re starting as an Amazons seller or wanna grow your existing Amazon business — Jungle Scout has got your back. 

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In the beginning, Jungle Scout was just a product research tool but over the years it has become an all-in-one tool for Amazon Sellers. Jungle Scout helps you out in finding the winning products, optimizing & launching product listings, managing the analytics, sourcing a supplier, and so on.

Viral Launch: In a Nutshell

Viral Launch comes with a lot of tools that help you in launching, sourcing, and even dominating in selling on Amazon. This all-in-one suite of tools does everything for you from finding the best product to launching them and then optimizing your listings for you. It also helps you in spying on your competitors and running profitable ads.

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Once your product listings are live, you can also perform a split test on them to find out which one is more profitable for you.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Data Accuracy Comparison

The only thing matters in the FBA business is data accuracy because accurate data helps you in becoming a successful Amazon Seller. Now let’s compare these tools and find out which one is more accurate than the other.

Jungle Scout Data Accuracy

There are many case studies and research performed to find out which tool is more accurate. After thorough research, it was determined that Jungle Scout is 84% accurate. You can refer to the data accuracy graph to see check if this number is correct is not.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch - Accuracy

The main goal of Jungle Scout is to ensure that all the information and data metrics they are providing are reliable and actionable. Developers of Jungle Scout are working 24*7 to make sure all the data is accurate and it also helps you in making smart decisions.

Viral Launch Data Accuracy

From the above data accuracy graph, you can see that Viral Launch is 79.3% accurate which means that it is also reliable. But it can make errors as well because its error percentage is 20.7%.

Verdict: Now you can clearly see that there is a difference of 5% in accuracy between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. That means Jungle Scout’s data metrics are much more reliable than Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Ease Of Use

The next thing everyone looks for in a tool is the ease of use and a user-friendly interface. Both Viral Launch and Jungle Scout have a unique interface. After using both of these tools, I will give you an overview of which one has a better user-friendly interface.

Jungle Scout Ease of Use

All the tools of Jungle Scout are available on the dashboard. To give you a deeper insight let’s take an example of its product database.

The product database tool is easy to use. A user can find out a particular product using specific keywords and also apply different filters based on seller type, categories, country, and so on. Just enter a keyword to get all the metrics of that product category.

Jungle Scout - Product Database

Along with all the details of products for that particular keyword, you will also see more data such as monthly sales, monthly revenue, rank, price, reviews, etc.

Jungle Scout - Particular Keyword

It also shows you a seasonal performance of a particular product in a graph chart which gives you an overview of the product’s performance.

Jungle Scout - Sessional History

You can use the Product Tracker tool directly from the product database and add as many products as you want. Product tracker helps you in tracking the performance of added products. It also shows you how many units are sold.

Jungle Scout - Product Tracker

To sum it up, I can confidently say that the user interface of Jungle Scout is very intuitive and easy to navigate even for a beginner.

Viral Launch Ease of Use

Now let’s talk about the interface of Viral Launch. To give you an overview I will take an example of the Product Discovery tool of Viral Launch.

Viral Launch - Product Discovery

In the key differences section, I mentioned that Viral Launch gives you micro details of data and analytics. For more refined product research, you get to use various filters and these filters are sales patterns, check all initial investment costs, review changes, and price changes.

Viral Launch - Product Research

It also provides you with more detailed metrics when you perform a search on Product discovery such as price, sellers, BSR, monthly sales, reviews, and so on. Once you select a product it will also show you other useful metrics such as seasonality, market trends, products idea score, and so on.

Verdict: Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch have user-friendly interfaces but Jungle Scout provides graph metrics of products which Viral Launch doesn’t. Except for graphical representation, both the tools have similar search filters.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Features Explained (Side-By-Side)

To become a successful Amazon Seller, you need to choose an Amazon Seller tool with robust features. Both Viral Launch and Jungle Scout have a lot of features. So explain them briefly let’s compare all those features side by side:

Product Research & Validation Jungle ScoutViral Launch
Product Discovery Tool     
Search product by keyword       
Customizable Product Alerts
Global Supplier Database
Leader in Data Accuracy
Opportunity Score
Historical Data Analysis
Education & Training      Jungle Scout    Viral Launch
Advanced Learning Courses
On-demand video guide
Free Case Studies
Business Management      Jungle Scout  Viral Launch
Comprehensive Expense Management
Product Listing Split Testing
Email Performance Report
Data Accuracy
Track inbound FBA Shipments
Profitability Dashboard
Inventory Demand Forecasting
Launching On Amazon         Jungle Scout   Viral Launch
Listing Builder
PPC Pricing Tool & Reporting
Keyword Discovery
Sync Listing To Seller Central
Product Promotions & Discount
Unlimited Email Follow Up
PPC Automation Tool
Advanced Keyword Discovery Filters
PPC Customer Support & Training
Coupon Abuse Prevention
Save Keyword List
Seller Central Product Review Request

Verdict: Viral Launch comes with more features than Jungle Scout and some of these features are split testing and PPC automation.

But Jungle Scout emphasizes more on selling. It offers an all-in-one solution to sell seamlessly on Amazon. Along with all the tools and features, Jungle Scout also offers you educational and training materials which can help you in becoming an exceptional Amazon Seller. Viral Launch does not offer a lot of educational resources.

To sum it up, Jungle Scout excels when it comes to features. Overall, Jungle Scout has all the essential and advanced features to help you as an Amazon seller. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Pricing Explained

Now here I will discuss the pricing of both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. This comparison also emphasizes on value for money and affordability.

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch offer monthly and yearly pricing. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

All the plans of Jungle Scout are flexible and affordable and if you purchase the yearly plans then with our coupon code, you can get up to 55% off. There are basically three plans available on Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout - Pricing

1. Basic Plan: The basic plan starts at $49/month. This plan is good for beginner Amazon Seller. It offers a single-user license along with that you also get access to all Jungle Scout’s browser extensions. You can use the Product research tool seamlessly to find out the best product ideas.

2. Suite Plan: The suite plan starts at $69/month. If you are a growing Amazon seller then a suite plan is the one to go for. This plan lets you add users and offers you features like in-depth historical data, review automation, and so on. With this plan, you can easily manage your Amazon business and find new products as well.

3. Professional Plan: The professional plan starts at $129/month. This plan is good for well-established Amazon sellers. You can add up to 6 users with this plan. You will get all the features of the suite plan and more advanced features with this plan.

Along with these monthly and yearly plans Jungle Scout also offers package plans which are:

1. Startupsuite plan for 3 months at $149

2. Entrepreneur Suite Plan for 6 months at $299

3. Freedom Builder Bootcamp plan for 12 months at $999

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Pricing Plans of Viral Launch

Similar to Jungle Scout, Viral Launch also comes with affordable and flexible plans but it is not affordable as Jungle Scout. There are three plans available on Viral Launch let’s discuss them in detail.

Viral Launch - Pricing

1. Essential Plan: The Essential plan starts at $69/month. If you choose the yearly version then you can also get two months free. If you want to do only Product research then this plan is the one for you. In this plan, you will get features like global data, keyword search volume, Amazon product filtering, and so on.

2. Pro Plan: The Pro plan starts at $99/month. It comes with all the features of the Essential plan. Along with that, it offers metrics like SEO Listing & Optimization, monthly revenue, historical sales, price trends, and so on.

3. Pro Plus Ads: The Pro plus ads plan starts at $199/month. This plan is good for those Amazon sellers who want Sales optimization and Amazon Advertising. With this plan you get all the features of the Pro plan along with that it also offers organic PPC keyword tracking, creation & customization of your own automation, detailed data analytics, and so on.

Well, if you choose to get started with Viral Launch, don’t forget to use our code “FBADaddy” at the checkout to get 20% off.

Verdict: It is clear that Jungle Scout is much more affordable than Viral Launch. But with the Pro plus ads plan of Viral Launch, you get additional Amazon PPC features which are one of a kind. Other than that it is clearly visible that if you want to be a revolutionary Amazon Seller then Jungle Scout is a clear choice.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Resources & Support

Both of these Amazon seller tools come with customer support. But I will discuss which one is more reliable. Let’s get into the details.

Jungle Scout Customer Support

If you are facing a difficulty that you can not solve on your own then you can directly contact Jungle Scout’s customer support team. They are available 24*7 for their premium users. Jungle Scout also has a huge library of resources and tutorials. In Jungle Scout Academy, you will get more valuable resources which an Amazon Seller requires.

Jungle Scout - Customer support

Viral Launch Customer Support

Viral Launch also offers 24*7 customer support to their users and they are also as reliable as Jungle Scout. When it comes to resources, Viral Launch offers two courses based on Amazon Sellers and I have taken both of them. So I can say that they are really good for a beginner Amazon Seller.

Verdict: Both Viral Launch and Jungle Scout offer amazing customer support. But when it comes to the resources, Jungle Scout has more resources than Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Integrations

Both of these tools offer many integrations but which one offers better integration is the real question. I am gonna answer this question in this section.

Jungle Scout Integrations

Jungle Scout provides browser extensions that are integrated with Chrome and Mozilla. Even if you are doing product research on the go, these extensions can easily help you out in finding the best products. Along with that you also get a Listing optimization score, BSR, validate product ideas, and much more.

Viral Launch Integrations

Similar to Jungle Scout, Viral Launch also offers a Chrome browser extension. It works similarly to Jungle Scout’s Chrome browser extension. Viral Launch’s chrome extension does not require any additional data from the outside to give thorough results.

Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout: Reviews

I’ve already used both of these tools extensively but it is always good to hear other people’s experiences.

Viral Launch Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonial of Viral Launch:

Viral Launch - Testimonials

Jungle Scout Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonial of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout - Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Which One is the best?

I’ve already discussed both of these tools extensively in the above sections. Now you might be wondering which tool should you choose?

The answer is really simple, it all depends on your requirements and budget. To sum it up, Jungle Scout is a clear choice because it is much more reliable when it comes to data accuracy, affordable in terms of pricing, and offers better resources for you to become an amazing Amazon Seller.

Viral Launch is also good in terms of features, and more robust data. Its Amazon PPC features are exceptional. Now the choice is completely yours.

I hope this detailed review of Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch serves your purpose well. 

FAQs on Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Is Jungle Scout better than Viral Launch?

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are exceptional Amazon Seller tools. Jungle Scout excels when it comes to better data accuracy, resources, and affordable pricing. 

Is anything better than Jungle Scout?

I’ve used many Amazon seller tools. So in my experience, I did not find a more accurate and affordable tool than Jungle Scout.

Is there a free trial available for Jungle Scout and Viral Launch?

Jungle Scout doesn’t offer any free trial, however, Viral Launch offers a 14 day free trial to their new customers.

Is there a money-back guarantee available for Jungle Scout and Viral Launch?

Jungle Scout comes with a seven days money-back guarantee. There is no money-back guarantee available on Viral Launch.

What is the accuracy percentage of Viral Launch?

It is mentioned in the data accuracy graph that Viral Launch is 79.3% accurate which is lesser than Jungle Scout.

Which one is good for beginner Amazon Sellers?

If you are a beginner Amazon seller and want an all-in-one tool for your FBA business then Jungle Scout is the best choice for you.

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